Sam Wilson of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team EXP Realty Is a Top Realtor® in Denver Colorado

Sam Wilson of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty is a knowledgeable realtor who specializes in the Denver Colorado area. Wilson is recognized by both 5-Star Real Estate Professionals for Customer Service and by Top Agent Magazine as one of the Top Realtors in Denver Colorado.

According to Wilson, “As a top Realtor in the Denver Colorado area, I focus on assisting home buyers to find the best deals and home sellers effectively market and sell their Denver home for sales for the highest feasible price.”

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The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team At EXP Realty is a Buyer Agent and a Seller Representative

As a realtor in the Denver Colorado area, Sam Wilson and his team of Realtors at The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty can be a buyer agent, a seller representative, or a listing representative, depending on your need. Although a single representative might list a residential property available for sale as well as collaborate with purchasers, each real estate role is different. Sam Wilson is also an experienced foreclosure real estate agent.

To recognize why you need an experienced and full-time local Colorado real estate agent and exactly what your agent must provide for you, let’s take a look at how to find a qualified real estate agent and then the different types of real estate agents. When you are looking for realtors in Denver Colorado, search for reviews and testimonials on the Realtor’s website or social media channels. If you like what you see, pick up the phone or schedule a virtual phone call to interview an agent. At the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, we work in person and virtually, to meet the needs of our clients.

We take our oath seriously to promote the best interests of our clients. We follow the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors Article 1:

  • When representing a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, or other client as an agent, REALTORS® pledge themselves to protect and promote the interests of their client.

When Choosing a Realtor Area Knowledge is Important

The Sam Wilson Home Selling TEam and our Realtors in the Denver Colorado area are valuable to you when looking into available homes for sale. Sam Wilson and his realtors have geographic knowledge of the Denver Colorado area and specific knowledge of cities in Jefferson County Colorado.

For example, our website features specific knowledge of Lakewood, Colorado, many cities in Jefferson County Colorado. Area knowledge is important to ensure that the neighborhood you choose has the features you’re looking for and your neighbors have similar interests.

Why Work With The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty?

Why utilize a realtor in Denver Colorado like Sam Wilson and The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team to sell your home? A house is one of the biggest financial and time investments you make in a lifetime. When buying or selling a home, clients want to know “Am I obtaining or receiving the best price for this property?”

As a leading listing realtor in Denver Colorado, Sam Wilson is involved in the Denver market through participation in community organizations that offer valuable market statistics. He follows and sends updates to clients about market trends important to the Colorado real estate market.

EXP Realty: A Cutting Edge Approach To Real Estate

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty has experienced agents that complement your style and personality. Sam Wilson uses the latest real estate and communication technology and marketing strategies. EXP Realty offers a cutting edge approach to real estate with a virtual real estate office concept and the use of technology.EXP realty

EXP Realty has a virtual platform that supports all aspects of real estate buying and selling transactions. Real estate agents have access to hundreds of hours of ongoing training and company support. The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty is poised for the future of real estate in the Denver Colorado area and throughout the United States.

Unique Marketing Programs

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty will list your Denver Colorado home as available on the multiple listing service (MLS) and communicates the background information about your home to other Realtors when you’re ready. Sam Wilson or his agents may hold an open house to draw in potential buyers and the attention of real estate agents. Additionally, Sam Wilson has the unique ability to feature your home on his realtor-owned and managed website. Only a small percentage of realtors have this type of advanced technology to offer to home sellers.

A unique marketing program offered by The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team is the creation of real estate drone videos. Drone cameras will fly through the air to take videos of the outside of your home offer home buyers a perspective view from the sky. Professional photographs of the interior are taken to showcase your home. These videos are posted on the MLS, on our website, and promoted on social media to gain widespread exposure for your home.

Like a buyer agent, The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty as your seller agent, has neighborhood knowledge, business, and school information, and area knowledge to share with clients. When you receive an offer for your Denver Colorado area home for sale, Sam Wilson or his top real estate agents are transparent, revealing information about all offers to your advantage. The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team of agents will discuss the pros and cons of each offer to give you the confidence to make the right decision about which offer to accept. After the offer is accepted by the buyer and seller, we take care of all of the details to ensure an on-time, no-hassle closing.

Why Real Estate Marketing is More Than Putting Up a Yard Sign

Marketing your Denver area home for sale is more than putting up a yard sign hoping that cars will drive by. The Sam Wilson Group at EXP Realty offers a selection of advertising tools.

Potential clients ask about commission rates. Commission rates in real estate depend upon the effort that your realtor puts into selling your home and the Realtor’s skills and expertise. As you interview agents seek a trusted advisor who thoroughly explains the sales, marketing, and transaction process.

Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP RealtyReal estate advertising and marketing may consist of yard signs, PLUS advertisements in regional, national, and global property websites, accurate features in the local multiple listing service (MLS). Additionally, real estate drone videos, your home as a featured property on The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team website, social media features, open houses, printed flyers, and sales brochures.

If your property has unusual features, we’re creative in the way that we present your home. An additional service is working with home stagers who work with you to make your home appealing to the largest number of buyers. Research from the National Association of realtors confirms that staging a home is beneficial to the selling rate of a home and the selling price. Twenty-two percent of agents confirmed an increase in the selling price of 1-5% while 17% reported an increase between 6-10%. A 5% increase for a $400,000 home that is staged can represent a $20,000 increase in selling price.

As Sam Wilson at The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP about their standard and advanced marketing plans to make sure that your residential property receives the exposure you want

We Understand That Your Time is Precious

At The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty, we realize that your time is precious. Our agents bring qualified purchasers for your home. Potential buyers are prequalified financially through a home mortgage company. This means that qualified buyers are the only buyers looking at your home. If you are a seller, we ask you to become prequalified so that you’re not looking at homes above your price range.

Sam Wilson offers a unique buyers-in-waiting system that actively attracts thousands of Denver area real estate buyers. Our client attraction systems offer free information about Denver Colorado real estate. Consumers searching for homes for sale will find your home when searching through the Sam Wilson Group website search for home database. If you’re looking for a home we have sellers who may be interested in selling their home at the right price.

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty Showcases Your Home For Sale

We make sure that your home is featured accurately and attractively in the multiple listing service, called the MLS. We know the difference that attractive photos and videos can make in attracting buyers to take a look at your home. Accurate information for square footage, features, and other information is equally important. Your home is also prominently featured on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team website.

Our marketing efforts attract interest so that if a buyer is waiting for a home to come on the market in a particular area we are ready. The benefit to home buyers is exclusive access to a search database that includes homes not listed and home sellers who might sell if made an offer.

Why utilize The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP? Because experience, knowledge, and trust offer peace of mind. Sam Wilson is a realtor professional who reduces worry, offers valuable advertising and marketing, delivers customer satisfaction, and personal support to close the sale on your Denver Colorado area home.

Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP RealtyYour Home is Safe With The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty

It’s important to know who enters your Denver area home for sale. Sam Wilson and his team of professionals gather information on potential buyers for your home. Our staff accompanies buyers when they visit your home. If your home is shown by a realtor, not on our team, we gather information about the buyer and feedback about your home that we provide to you. In these days of COVID-19, we have special kits for each home to ensure that visitors follow precautions.

Highly Trained and Exceptional Real Estate Skills

When choosing a realtor in the Denver Colorado area, it is important to evaluate agent experience, qualifications, and continuing education and training. Realtors who invest in furthering their expertise are more highly committed to client service and educating clients. When you are interviewing real estate agents, ask any realtor how much time they devote to real estate training or if they participate in a real estate coaching program.

Sam Wilson is a Craig Proctor real estate coach who spends time each week training and coaching agents in The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team office and real estate agents throughout the United States and Canada. If you’re looking for exceptional real estate skills that include expert real estate negotiation skills The Sam Wilson Group will negotiate and close your real estate deal.

Knowledgeable Realtors

Agents at The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP are trained by Sam Wilson in all aspects of sales, marketing, negotiation, and customer service. The team belief in training raises client satisfaction levels.

Exceptional real estate skills are rare. The benefit to clients is reduced stress involved in selling or buying a home and education to make sure that there are no surprises. Sam Wilson and The Sam Wilson Group of real estate agents believe in higher standards of service. Unlike many real estate offices, Sam Wilson is committed to being available to agents and clients. As you interview realtors, ask to speak with the managing broker or team leader. All clients of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP have access to Sam and his expertise.

Contact the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty Today

Contact The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty to schedule a personal meeting in person or through a video chat. Sam Wilson and his exceptional Realtors will educate you about the real estate buying and selling processes.

The Realtors of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team p help you know what to expect when buying or selling a home in the Denver Colorado area. We take the guesswork and surprises out of real estate transactions.

Selling Your Denver Colorado Area Home

When you prepare to offer your Denver Colorado area house for sale, finding the right Realtor is the first step toward success. When you choose The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty as your listing agent, your Realtor will thoroughly review the market and advise you to price your house accordingly.

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty follows the standards of practice of the National Association of Realtors. You’ll never receive a pie in the sky price estimate just to get your business.

According to NAR, REALTORS®, in attempting to secure a listing, shall not deliberately mislead the owner as to market value.

Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP RealtyOnce the agreement to sell and market your home is signed, Sam Wilson and his Realtors at The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty will use their knowledge to contribute valuable knowledge and observations to help sell your home.

Working with a knowledgeable, experienced, full-time realtor to sell your home is a wise financial investment made. Sam Wilson understands the process. He and his team have exceptional negotiating skills to boost your bottom line on a house sale.

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP Realty Is Your Trusted Advisor

Real estate agent skills are like other skills. Length of time in the real estate business, the complexity of deals closed, and selling and negotiating skills are important. Full-time realtors tend to have a greater focus on client service and satisfaction.

How many people do you know who hired the wrong realtor because they wanted a commission deal or the realtor was a friend? How many real estate deals fell apart over a few thousand dollars because the realtor had poor sales, negotiation, and closing skills? Attention to detail, thorough follow-through, and experience with how deals can get hung up are valuable to you in a real estate agent. Not knowing the right questions to ask when interviewing a Realtor can be as problematic as choosing the wrong Realtor.

Think of hiring a professional realtor like you would a surgeon, a financial planner, a CPA, or an attorney. Do you want someone with low fees who may not provide the best skills or service, who may cut corners in seeking continuing education for their specialty? Only you can recognize and appreciate the value of experience offered by a trusted advisor. Sam Wilson and The Sam Wilson Home Selling TEam at EXP Realty are trusted advisors working in the best interests of clients.

Our Network of Real Estate Support

As your Denver Colorado area Realtor, The Sam Wilson Group has a network of relevant specialists to help you complete your real estate purchase. These specialists include lenders, title firms, inspectors, and more. When you receive or make an offer on a property in the Denver Colorado area, we review the contracts with you in detail.

Our commitment to work in your best interest ensures that you are pleased with the offer. If not, we negotiate to arrive at a win-win solution for the buyer and the seller.

Why “For Sale By Owner” Programs May Not Work Out The Way You Think

Are you considering marketing your Denver area home for sale by yourself, without the help and also expert guidance of a certified real estate agent? If you don’t have experience in the real estate market you may not get the price you expect.

Sellers in the Denver Colorado area who want to conserve cash or hope to maximize a return may consider going with for sale by owner. Selling your own home may seem simple until you start to realize the enormous amount of work and the unpredictability of events that are usually handled by the realtor that you hire.

Many buyers and sellers may not realize the time that a realtor commits when marketing a home and communicating with buyers and other realtors. Nationwide statistics confirm that 80% to 90% of homes for sale by owner eventually list with a realtor.

What is important to know when marketing a Denver area home for sale? Sellers must be aware of Colorado state regulations and requirements by lending institutions for home sale transactions. Homeowners must be aware of the schedule for purchase transactions and deadlines for selling a home in Denver. Missed deadlines result in a voided real estate agreement and starting all over again.

A Lifetime of Experience and Extra Support

A home sale or buying transaction is a complex collection of negotiations with multiple people. Negotiations can be time-consuming and involve meticulous attention to detail and coordination with specialists through every step of the transaction.

Attending a for sale by owner seminar won’t make you a real estate professional. Most people live in 2-3 homes during their lifetime unless they are residential property investors. A real estate professional with top real estate skills is involved in hundreds if not thousands of home transactions during a real estate career.

This repetition of experiences in a variety of home selling and buying situations builds the real estate skills that reduce the stress of buying or selling a home. A knowledgeable realtor from The Sam Wilson Group can boost your bottom line on a home sale.

Real Estate Tips from Sam Wilson EXP Realtor

Before you begin looking for a home, pre-qualify financially so that you know the price range of homes that meet your budget. Home sellers may require that only buyers with pre-approval letters visit their property. If you are a home seller, this is a consideration for you so that your home is not flooded with visitors who can’t afford to buy your home.

If you want to sell your home quickly for the best price or buy a home that meets your lifestyle and your budget, we’re ready to help.

Why take a chance with your home that is one of your most valuable investments? Whether you are a home buyer or a home seller we negotiate the best deal for you.

Contact us today.

Call or send a text to 303-770-1250 or email Sam Wilson at Sam@SamWilsonGroup.com


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