Advice on Selling Your House: 12 Tips For Selling Your Home

Advice on selling your house from a knowledgeable realtor. Twelve tips for selling your home fast from a real estate expert and real estate coach. Get FREE Instant Access by completing the form in the right column on this page or if you’re viewing on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the form. 

Caution: The Devil is in The Details – 12 Tips You Must Know for Selling Your Home Fast

The real estate market is continually changing. According to the National Association of Realtors® Research Group, differences and similarities exist across generations of home buyers and home sellers.

Advice on Selling Your HouseIf it’s been some time since you bought or sold a home, the things that you remember to be important then may have changed significantly. Differences exist between trends for home selling and home buying between all age groups and across lifestyle needs. A shift homeowners more interested in their selling homes begins with the younger Baby Boomers around the age of 55 and continues through the later generations.

The common theme among all generations is that sellers want to sell fast and for the highest price. Real estate buyers want to find a home they love in the shortest amount of time and for the right price. This updated report, Advice on Selling Your House, from Realtor Sam Wilson tackles the critical issues you need to know to make your home competitive in today’s changing marketplace.

Advice on Selling Your House from National Real Estate Coach Sam Wilson

With these 12 tips for selling your home, you’ll discover how to avoid disappointment when buyers visit your home but don’t make an offer. Recommendations for ways to learn about your competition and understand how to make an excellent first impression for buyers are included in this FREE report: Advice on Selling Your House: 12 Tips for Selling Your Home.

Bonus Tip – Make Your Home Date Ready

Your house has one opportunity to make a good impression. By the time a home buyer walks into your home, they may have viewed your home on the multiple listing service, the MLS.

If you have a customer-committed real estate agent with realtor-owned website content created and developed especially for home buyers and home sellers website like this website, your home for sale might receive a full-page feature-complete with photos, a video, and a selling story about your house.

Any buyer who shows up after thoroughly investigating your home is a high-level prospect. Tips to make your home date ready include:

  • Make your front door and entryway appealing with a wreath, a welcome mat, or seasonal plants
  • Set out refreshments—bottles of water or hand-held healthy wrapped snacks—on the kitchen table along with important documents like a home appraisal and utility bills for review
  • Turn on mood lighting if the showing is in the evening or on a cloudy day
  • Open blinds to let in natural light
  • Have relaxing playing in the background to encourage the buyer to spend more time looking around
  • And, in these days of COVID: booties for shoes, gloves, sanitizing wipes, and a wastebasket for easy disposal near the front entry door

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