What Our Customers Say About Us

What our customers say about us supports The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team commitment to the pay it forward movement of people helping people. Success grows from having great customers, partners, and vendors who refer us to people like you. When you have a need outside of buying or selling a home, we refer you to partners and vendors we trust who offer a high commitment to customer satisfaction.

We take our commitment to customer satisfaction seriously. We take pride in serving great customers and we’re humbled by what our customers say about us. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience. Creating a positive working relationship is important to guarantee a positive real estate experience. Service and a commitment to the pay it forward movement of people helping people guides our customer relationships.

Here’s an example of what a recent customer had to say – more examples are below

What Our Customers SaySam Wilson and the Sam Wilson Home selling Team was referred to us by a friend who recently used Sam to sell their home as well. We were interviewing other agents and thankfully Sam and his team came along before we made a decision. We chose to work with Sam and his team because of his flexibility, patients, and communication about how things work, especially in such a hot seller’s market.

Sam never once encouraged us to take an offer that was not 100% in our favor. He was truly in our corner. He took the time and effort to always explain to us how an offer should be countered in order to be in our favor. As a result, we rejected any offers that Sam did not feel like would actually close. Sam was also upfront and honest with us about any changes we needed to make in order to attract more buyers and offers. He even came up with ideas and additional marketing to address the most common objections we received from showings.

Once we received a reasonable offer, Sam still negotiated and countered on our behalf to make the offer acceptable to us and improved both our odds to close on time as well as protect us financially in the event things didn’t work out. All things the other agents we interviewed never even mentioned.

Since our sale was contingent on the replacement home we were purchasing, it was important that we had someone fighting for us and protecting our interest. This is a very stressful process and we now understand that frequent, proactive communication from an experienced agent is critical.

If you are seeking a true professional and an extremely knowledgeable Realtor, please call Sam and the Sam Wilson Home selling team. I promise you will have a terrific experience. Angela Merrill Gibbons.

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team: From Our Customers

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team helps people like you buy and sell homes. We work with a variety of property types from residential homes, land, commercial property plus estate, and probate home sales. Our commitment to what our customers say about us means that we have consistent standards of service. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time buyer with a tight budget, trading up to a larger home to raise a family, or downsizing for retirement we’re here to help.

We recognize that our customers move through different stages of life and have different lifestyle interests. As you’ll hear from the videos below and what our customers say about us we are knowledgeable realtors in the Denver Colorado area including mountain area properties. We help clients find the right home and make recommendations on areas based on the information you provide to us. Listening to your needs sets the direction for a positive working relationship.

We Help You Buy Homes That You Can’t Find on the Internet

As you’ll hear from Tavi and Erica below, we listen and make recommendations for neighborhoods you might have not considered because of our neighborhood expertise about the Denver Colorado area. We help you choose the right neighborhood based on your priorities. The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team helps you buy homes that you can’t find by searching the internet. More than twenty years of experience in the Denver Colorado are means that The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team knows how to make and close real estate deals that other realtors can’t or won’t.

Superb real estate negotiation skills are another value for customers that mean that you get the home you want for the best price. We represent the best interests of our clients. Another of our strengths is follow-up and communication.

All Customers Have Direct Access to Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson Home Selling Team

Direct access to Sam Wilson is part of our client satisfaction guarantee in addition to access to other members of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. Educating customers about the real estate selling and buying process is part of our commitment to you. Answers to questions are a touch of the button away whether by phone, text, email, or video call.

Videos: What Our Customers Say About Us

Watch the videos below to learn what real customers are saying about The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. We’d like to express our sincere appreciation to clients who went out of their comfort zones to appear on these what our customers say videos.

Contact The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team today for information about how we can help you with the home buying or selling process. Call or text 303-770-1250 or send Sam Wilson an email.


“We instantly knew Sam was right for us. We’ve used him for four different buy and sell deals.”


Tavi and Erica – Repeat Customers


“With Sam, you feel like someone is checking up on your needs and following up. That’s what’s missing in a lot of customer service today. It comes down to communication and being personable.”


Lana and Randy – Customer Service and Follow Through


“He can help you understand all the details of contracts and make a constructive decision for your future. Completely trustworthy, so very honest, so completely competent in his field.”

Chris and Jerry – Sam Wilson is a Knowledgeable Realtor

In addition to educating real estate clients, Sam Wilson is active in the Denver Colorado community. He welcomes the opportunity to speak and offer education programs to consumer and business groups. If you or someone you know is interested in learning about real estate tips and trends, sales, negotiation or networking skills contact Sam about speaking to your organization or group.

Sam Wilson Home Selling Team – Peace of Mind

The Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) creates and regulates rules for realtors in Colorado. A license is required to work as a realtor.

Not all realtors have a broker license. Sam Wilson holds an Employing Broker level license that requires an additional 24 hours of instruction in Brokerage Administration. Other members of the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team hold an Employing Broker license. You can check on the license status of realtors on the Colorado Real Estate Commission website. While all realtors are required to have an active license some forget to renew which means a license is listed with an inactive status.

Sam Wilson is a national real estate coach for the Craig Proctor organization. His commitment to education includes customers and real estate agents throughout the United States. When choosing a realtor years of experience, education, and knowledge are important. When interviewing a realtor, ask about prior work experience, education, ongoing education, and commitment to training and self-development. Interviewing a realtor is like interviewing a job candidate in the workplace. The questions you ask or don’t ask significantly affect the results and commitment level you receive from a realtor.

Any realtor can list your home or help you buy a home. When negotiations become difficult or a real estate deal goes sideways, the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team will be there with you to give you peace of mind that you made the right choice.

More of What Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

“Thanks again Sam for all your help!  It’s been great!

Also, just wanted to let you know that your office manager is great!  She is very service-oriented, knowledgeable, and was very timely with follow up.  You both made going through this side of the process very easy.  Plus it certainly didn’t hurt that everything moved so fast, I mean from listing to closing in 10 days – that is incredible.”  Joanna

“I made the mistake of hiring a discount broker

I never heard from them after they put the sign up in my yard. Then they got 2 offers, but could not negotiate a sale.  I switched to Sam Wilson and he sold my house in a month. Sam and his team kept me informed every step of the way which made me feel safe. I’d strongly recommend Sam Wilson and his home selling team for all of your real estate needs.”  V. Arnold

Sam knows short sales

“We purchased a home as a short sale and Sam proved invaluable in his experience and expertise in the short sale, as well as his intense knowledge of the market and home values. His ability to explain and prepare us for the short sale left no stones unturned and therefore no surprises. I truly believe his expertise in this area and his innate ability to communicate with the selling agent enabled us to get our dream home.” Jeffrey B.

Sam Sold Eleven Listings for Us

“I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Sam Wilson. He has sold eleven listings for us so far. His company has been professional, accurate, and he himself is very pleasant to work with.  He has coordinated efforts with the buyer’s agents, title companies, and lenders to ensure that the contracts have gone smoothly and always closed in a timely manner. I am sure Sam Wilson and his home selling team would be an asset to anyone who he is involved with. I highly recommend him for future real estate projects.”   K. Goodman.


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