Are you a Full-Time Licensed Real Estate Buyers Agent Who Wants More Business?

Are you a real estate buyers agent who wants a real estate agent career that financially supports you today and in retirement? Building a real estate agent career has a learning curve. Have you been in the real estate business for some time and you’re not making the money you imagined?

Are you a newer self-employed real estate buyers agent who has never been a full commission salesperson? Are you running low on energy, burned out by your current situation, not receiving enough support, and wishing there was a better way but you don’t know who to trust?

Is Your Real Estate Career Not Working Out the Way You Expected?

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Join The Real Estate Team That Supports You

Joining a real estate team where you feel supported and have the training and tools you need is the way to move your real estate career forward. Joining The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at eXp Realty is great for realtors interested in immersing themselves in online technology, tools, and training that’s available. In addition to online real estate training and the ability to do business from your cellphone (yes it’s true!) you have access to Sam Wilson’s twenty years of experience.

Realtors have access to over fifty hours of training a week on eXp World. You might be wondering if eXp is good for new agents.

The difference between agents who succeed and those who flounder are those who take the initiative to jump in full speed ahead without waiting to be told what to do. In addition to unlimited online training courses, you receive personalized weekly real estate coaching sessions from Sam Wilson. You will learn practical tips to set yourself aside from other realtors who lack training, experience, and access to a mentor who truly cares.

The best thing about joining eXp Realty is that it doesn’t matter where you live. Your eXp sponsor, in this case, Sam Wilson, is the person accountable to you and your success. If you live anywhere in the United States you can work at a local eXp brokerage and still gain access to Sam’s training and coaching. The secret to succeeding at eXp as a new or experienced realtor is choosing the right sponsor who gives you access to unlimited support opportunities.

Sam Wilson is the Realtor Helping Realtors. Watch the video series created especially for real estate agents looking for tips and support on Sam Wilson’s YouTube page playlist. 

Is it time to look at your real estate career from a new perspective?

Rather than staying in a familiar situation month after month, year after year that may be comfortable but not ideal, are you interested in learning about different ways to build success as a real estate buyers agent? What if your efforts earned you not one but three ways to make money and gave you access to the top minds in the real estate industry?

The traditional grind for real estate agents is an outdated belief. Joining a cloud-based real estate brokerage allows you to get paid for your efforts and be inspired by working with high-performing realtors who are excited about going to work every day. The only way you don’t succeed on the Sam Wilson Home Selling real estate team is if you are mentally disengaged,  don’t show up, and don’t ask for the help you need to learn how to grow your real estate business.

You might be thinking “this sounds too good to be true,” it’s not. Sam Wilson RealtorLearn more about the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, to gain the facts about building your income and your real estate business.

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Build Success as a Real Estate Buyers Agent

You might be asking, why join a real estate team? It’s no secret, the obvious difference and the sticking point for most realtors about being on a team versus being an individual agent is the commission structure and expenses. This is where imagination, the thoughts you have in your mind, work against the facts of grasping a new concept for realtors where life can be different.

When you truly wrap your mind around the long-term financial opportunity you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t make this change years ago. Human nature confirms that people would rather stay in a bad situation they know rather than face the uncertainty of making a change. Remember the story about the frog in the boiling pot of water? Is this you?

Let’s talk about the obvious so that you know we know what you’re thinking

After 20 years of working in a traditional real estate practice, we thought the same things. It’s hard to imagine that there really is a different way forward joining with the right team of people offering support. The bottom line is that loving what you do and making money happens when you connect with the right team of people.

Inspiration comes from working with a team of people with bright minds, energy, and passion. Let’s be honest, this team can be hard to find. It can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but once you find it everything clicks.

Team basics

Being on a team can pay for a variety of expenses that can drive real estate profits into the red each month. When you are an individual agent—you do and pay for everything yourself. You have to be constantly “on” to make money each month.

Creating a profitable real estate agent career can take time. Some individual agents struggle to manage the income peaks, valleys, and recurring monthly expenses that exist when managing a real estate agent business. You may dream of making enough money to hire an assistant but you can’t quite get there. You can get there with the right mindset and the right support.

At one point or another—all realtors have looked at a low bank balance and wondered how to pay the bills this month or next. Worrying about money can be ego-deflating and worrisome. When you’re faced with the unknown the only path forward is to act. Being on a real estate team can offer the best of both worlds, the predictable income you want and the support you need.

Real Estate Agents Ask About Commissions

If you’re an individual agent, fast-forwarding your income may mean joining a real estate team to gain the skills and momentum to earn a six-figure income. You gain income minus the time impact of chasing bad leads and the financial impact of lead generation and other expenses.

All realtors have regular monthly expenses like a vehicle, insurance, gas, repairs, telephone, Internet, business cards, yard signs, Internet fees, annual real estate association dues, MLS fees, networking dues, marketing and sales costs. When you join the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, you can look at the commission you initially trade, from being an individual agent to joining a team, as a long-term investment in yourself and building your real estate business.

The real estate team concept: You work with leads provided by the team and you learn to generate your own leads that result in a larger commission split.

Realtors on the Sam Wilson Home Selling team receive real estate coaching, qualified leads, time management tools, processes, systems, and more to jump-start a real estate agent career. Real estate school can take you so far. On this team, you have access to real estate coaching, high-performing realtors, training, education, and all of the tools you need to be successful.

You also have a full-page profile feature on this website. If you haven’t noticed yet this isn’t the normal real estate website. We created it and we own it. This means we have the flexibility to create specialized offers and programs for home buyers and home sellers. It also means your profile gains additional exposure because it’s more than a name and contact me listing. This is another way that the Sam Wilson Home Selling team is different.

What Are Your Goals for the Next 12 Months, 3 Years, and 5 Years?

If you don’t have a business plan and processes and systems in place to generate business, it isn’t easy to achieve your goals. Are you trying to do it all yourself, and you’re coming up short?

As a real estate buyer’s agent, you probably became a realtor because you enjoy working with people and have an interest in houses. Helping home buyers find their dream home gives you a high level of self-satisfaction.

You love working with people, but you may not excel at all of the paperwork, planning, and other skills it takes to move your real estate agent career up to the next level. Keeping up with technology also might be a challenge.

How Would Selling 12 or 24 Homes a Year Change Your Life?

You know all of the things you should be doing to promote your business, but you may not have the time or money to invest. How could more income change your life?

Real Estate Agent CareerIf you sold 12 homes in the next 12 months, could you hire an assistant to manage all of the details you don’t like so that you can do what you love? If you sold 24 homes in the next 12 months, could you start checking off that bucket list of things you want to accomplish in this lifetime? How might more income help your family?

If you haven’t heard, buyers agents may soon be responsible for negotiating their own real estate commissions. If this thought gives you pause, working with Sam Wilson—an expert real estate negotiator—can help you hold your commission rate instead of leaving money on the negotiating table.

Real Estate Agent Careers Can Be Unpredictable

Consumers have the mistaken belief that real estate buyers agents earn a lot of money for doing nothing. While you might receive a nice commission check, the money remaining may not be what you hoped for after paying all of your expenses. Realtors who don’t create an actionable business and marketing plan linked to a P&L may go months without getting a paycheck and wonder why.

The unpredictability of income is one of the top reasons most real estate agents end a real estate career. If you love being a realtor, the path forward is to find a real estate office or team that supports your personal and financial growth.

Splitting your time between real estate and a part-time job is a distraction from creating predictable real estate income. Home buyers want to see homes with short notice during the day, during evenings, or on a weekend. If you’re not available, you’re probably giving up income to another realtor who is fully committed. Are you spending a lot of time in the car with prospects who hesitate to make offers? If so, you might not be saying the right things to close a buyer.

Stop Paying for Expensive Leads

If you’re paying for leads from one or more of the big lead sources in the real estate business, you’re already paying commission referral fees upwards of 30%. In some cases, you’re competing with lead companies that have their own real estate agents who are competing against you.

Chasing bad leads can feel like throwing money down the drain, especially if you don’t have a proven system to convert the leads. Converting leads is a real estate sales skill every realtor can learn with practice.

If you truly love what you do, Sam Wilson can teach you the skills to overcome sales objections. Surprisingly, rejection is another stumbling block for realtors.

On the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, you’ll learn to master the sales skills that will close deals. Why not work with buyer leads who are interested in working with you? Stop chasing leads that don’t have potential

Talk to Buyers Who Want to Talk To You

If you are a real estate buyers agent struggling with lead generation, joining the Sam Wilson Home Selling team provides you with warm leads of buyers waiting to talk to you. Sam Wilson is a national real estate coach with a 20-year real estate sales career plus consumer goods sales with Fortune 100 companies. To learn more about Sam—check out his profile.

As part of the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, you will receive warm leads and 1:1 training with Sam to convert the leads into predictable income. Real estate buyers agents who commit time and effort to follow Sam’s process succeed.

If you are an individual agent or an agent who is not achieving the success you desire on another team who promised support—but isn’t delivering on that promise—text or call Sam Wilson today to learn more 303-770-1250. As part of the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, you have access to Sam when you need it—you won’t get lost in a system that’s too big to provide the support you need.

Set Goals and Create Actionable Business Plans

As a real estate buyers agent, you may feel like you are juggling a lot of balls in the air. You may be spending time on unprofitable networking or advertising ventures.

Working on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team means that you will learn to set goals and create actionable business plans that you can measure. You’ll know what works and what doesn’t work for you.

The real estate systems and processes used by Sam have been tried and tested. As a real estate buyers agent on this team, you can stop spinning your wheels and your money wondering if the next thing you try will be that one big thing that increases your real estate business.

Earning predictable income in a real estate agent career is more than holding a real estate license and giving out business cards. Learn how to network and create long-lasting business, client, and personal relationships where you pay it forward by helping others. There’s no internal competition on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team—you will be on a team of realtors helping other realtors succeed.

Better Time Management

Everyone dreams about having more time. You get back in income what you put into being a real estate buyers agent in time and effort. Unlike other jobs, commission-based sales have limitless income potential when you establish consistent habits and use work processes.

The Pareto Principle proves that 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort. This principle is true when you place your focus in the right places. When real estate buyers agents learn what works, you gain more control over your time and your income.

Time is a limited resource. Instead of trying to do the impossible, learning where to place your efforts can fast forward a real estate agent career. Focusing on what works instead of chasing the next shiny bright object may be the path to your success.

Sales Scripts and Done for You Marketing Materials

Real Estate Buyers AgentThe Sam Wilson Home Selling team has sales scripts and done for you marketing that is truly unique. You will have not one but two websites. One that is 100% unique to Sam Wilson—with articles and content not available elsewhere. You will have an extensive realtor profile that big real estate companies can’t offer you.

Real estate companies play the “I’m better than you game,” that’s hard to prove. Instead of playing this game, join a real estate team that’s different and represents the future of the real estate industry.

You’ll have the opportunity to work from anywhere using a cloud campus environment, receive 20+ hours a week of live training, real-time support, build your technology skills and have the opportunity to earn stock and revenue share income.

Flexibility and Support

As a real estate buyers agent, you can choose to work at the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team office or work remotely. You can work on the team and learn how to to build your own team. For every deal you close, you can earn company stock in EXP Realty. By joining a real estate team, you can create a long term income stream that provides regular income for you even after retirement.

To learn more, complete the form at the right to schedule a call. You can also text Sam Wilson at 303-770-1250.


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