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Sam Wilson, real estate agent, is nationally recognized as a top-selling real estate agent in Colorado. He is a real estate leader, coach, and author. Get to know Sam Wilson real estate agent and his commitment to sales leadership, community education, and giving back. Sam Wilson shares his story and answers questions that people ask here.

Getting to Know Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson Sales ProfessionalI’ve lived in Colorado for over 20 years now, most of them as a top producing real estate agent in Colorado and as a real estate broker.  I grew up in Connecticut and Massachusetts, along with a few years in Ohio.  The son of working-class parents, I learned the definition of hard work and commitment at an early age.  I work until the job is done.  My parents also taught me the value of giving back. I remember going door to door collecting money for Muscular Dystrophy beginning at age 12.

Motivation came to me at an early age. If I wanted things, I hustled to earn money. If I wanted a new sled or hockey gear in the winter, I shoveled driveways for five-dollars. If I wanted a new bike or baseball gear in the summer, I washed cars. In the summer, I mowed lawns. The neighbors knew that if they needed snow shoveled, lawns mowed, or cars washed that I was the kid to call.  Earning my own money was a great lesson. Looking back, I understood what work hard—play hard meant before I ever heard the words in the workplace many years later.

Selling Becomes a Passion

I started my sales career in the second grade with my first paper route. When I took over the newspaper route, only about ten people in my neighborhood subscribed. By the time I passed the newspaper route to the next kid, I had over 100 neighbors subscribed. Fundraising projects at school were competitive—I always raised the most money for selling the items my school offered for fundraising projects. It’s no surprise that selling became my career first in corporate America and then as a real estate agent in Colorado.

In 1985, I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a dual degree in marketing and finance. During my college years, I continued to earn money in a variety of creative ways. Photography became a hobby when I interned with the Boston Globe. After finishing college, I moved to Chicago to help my parents with a small business start-up.

My corporate career began with Proctor and Gamble as a sales associate for their food products division, first in Cincinnati, then in Omaha NE.  From Omaha, I landed a sales and marketing position with Polaroid in Tampa.

The remainder of my corporate career was with the Coca-Cola company with my first assignment in Sioux City, Iowa. I met my wife Pamela while living in Iowa. We moved to the Los Angeles area and lived in Venice, Beach, California for about six years before moving to Golden, Colorado. While living in California I learned to scuba dive, enjoyed bicycling on the LA beach bicycle path on weekends, and attended a large variety of sporting events.

Sam Wilson EXP RealtorI held several sales and marketing leadership positions and received many awards at the Coca Cola company until I left after 14 years with my last assignment in Denver, Colorado. Continuing to move every couple of years became less attractive and my wife, Pamela, and I fell in love with Colorado

How Long Have You Been A Full-Time Real Estate Agent in Colorado?

My real estate career began in 2002 with Century 21, where I was Rookie of the Year. From Century 21, I went to Keller Williams to be an owner of an office in Lakewood CO.  At Keller Williams, I held leadership positions, including Mentor, Trainer, and Managing Broker. While at KW, I built a successful team, left to open Wilson Group Real Estate in 2012.

I see a significant opportunity to manage a real estate company more like the traditional businesses and Fortune 500 I was fortunate and proud to work for early in my career. Wilson Group Real Estate offers various positions for real estate professionals, including outside sales agents, inside sales agent, a marketing associate, office manager, and administrative functions.

Most agents just tell you how great they are. Because of my sales and negotiating experience, I’m so confident that I am the best option for you that I guarantee your satisfaction in writing!  No strings, no gimmicks, no fees. You don’t have to worry about hiring a real estate agent that you don’t like or trust.  If you’re not happy with my Sam Wilson Home Selling Team or me, you can walk away with no hassle or pressure. Few realtors offer this type of customer satisfaction guarantee.

I’ve sold over 1000 houses now and have always been in the top 1% of all real estate agents in Colorado and usually across the country as well.  I’m experienced and skilled in every kind of residential real estate and some commercial real estate as well.  I’m also a professional and certified real estate coach with clients throughout the U.S. Being part of EXP Realty is part of my goal to raise the bar in serving clients, the community, and other real estate agents.


I love teaching and believe in servant leadership. My entire Sam Wilson Home Selling Team is highly skilled, professional, and trained by me. Real estate agents working on my team or individually complete twice the training required by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. All real estate agents are encouraged to become real estate brokers when working with the Sam Wilson Group. This is different from most realtors who hold the basic real estate license called a broker associate. My passion for training and education has resulted in becoming a Craig Proctor certified real estate coach and trainer with clients across the U.S. and Canada. I am a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and developed and ran one of the largest and most successful leads groups for several years.

Sam Wilson Testimonial from Rob Rose at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Continuous improvement and learning are important to me. I continually research ways to increase the value that I bring to clients and realtors. The new Sam Wilson Home Selling Team website represents part of this effort. Creating one of the best real estate websites to serve clients has been a labor of love. If you spend time on this real estate website you’ll notice that it looks different from other realtor websites. The Sam Wilson website features an easy home search option. More importantly, this realtor owned and created website offers exclusive articles for home sellers and buyers in addition to advanced features that other real estate websites can’t offer.

My results speak for themselves; I sell homes faster and for more money. As a result, I’ve been named by RealTrends as one of the top 1000 Real Estate Agents in the U.S. and one of the top 100 agents in all of Colorado. Visit my What Customers Say About Sam Wilson real estate agent and my team to learn more about my core values and commitment to giving back to the community.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

My ideal client is a real estate buyer or real estate seller who wants, recognizes and respects hard work, fiduciary advice, and the highest standard in real estate service. I deliver results for my clients who say, “it’s easy to list and sell a house – anyone can do that – but it’s significantly more difficult to CLOSE the sale!” All my years in sales have given me the superpower of being a top real estate negotiator.

In other words, there are always problems and negotiations necessary to reach a successful closing. The depth of my experience and commitment to go the extra mile is why I fight for my clients and represent their best interests, above all. I help home buyers to find and buy homes that can’t be found through typical Internet searches.

What Are Your Superpowers?

I’ve been asked what my superpowers are.  Quick funny note that, if you google Sam Wilson, Captain America comes up at the top.  Captain America has LOTS of superpowers!  While I’d love to be that guy, the real Sam Wilson’s powers would have to be sales, negotiation, education, and commitment to excellence, communication, and caring.  If having fun can be a superpower, then I’d claim that one too.  These powers cross my professional and personal relationships.

Describe Your Community Involvement and Interests

Tampa Bay Blues FestivalI value community involvement and giving back to the community. I see community relationships as twofold. The first being the local community and those in need.  During my life and career, I’ve contributed time and money to local and national organizations supporting muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, children with disabilities, veterans, the blind, animal shelters, education, and persons in need of housing.

The second community is the real estate community.  I have given countless hours and knowledge back to my peers to improve the customer experience, optimize seller equity, and create a safe experience for home buyers. Educating businesses, groups, and individuals on using proven networking strategies—people helping people—and tactics is passion.

Who Are People Living Or Dead That You’d Like to Meet and Why?

Who are people I’d love to meet dead or alive? My role models include people who inspire, lead, help others, and persevere.

Napoleon Hill – Inspiration

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, because that book created positive change in my life about how I think. I also admire and emanate his concept of the “Mastermind.” The mastermind concept and creating mastermind groups is another reason that I believe in people helping people and the pay it forward movement. Big thinkers and people who look at life differently can have a significant impact on life if we’re willing to learn. As the saying goes, “when the student is ready the teacher appears.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Influence & Leadership

Martin Luther King, Jr. because of his leadership.  His ability to clearly articulate and inspire an entire movement through his actions and the I Have a Dream speech places me in awe. To lead people based on passion—when not formally elected is an inspiration. He inspires me to give back to my local community and the real estate industry.

Elvis Presley – Entertainer & Humanitarian

Think about this. Elvis Presley created music videos long before MTV launched on August 1, 1981. Jailhouse Rock hit the scene in 1957 and became a movie you can watch today on Turner Classic Movies.

Sam Wilson EXP Realtor

Sam & Pamela Wilson at Graceland

While I listened to Elvis on the radio growing up, I had no idea of the magnitude of his effect on others until my wife and I visited Memphis and toured Graceland. I am mesmerized by what a single person could accomplish in such a short life. He served in the Army and entertained the troops. In 1961 he started a tradition of distributing checks to more than 50 charitable organizations, donating more than $100,000 a year. He paid off people’s debts and mortgages.

According to John Lennon, “Nothing affected me until I heard Elvis. Without Elvis, there would be no Beatles.” Elvis is proof that that one person can change thousands of lives through music.

Lindsey Vonn – Athletic Perseverance

On the lighter side, athlete, and skier Lindsey Vonn is a role model for me because I’m an avid skier. Curiosity about how she maintained her drive and determination during so many setbacks and overcoming so many obstacles to keep winning is a wonder to me.  She and many other athletes are role models for how mental acuity and focus overcome difficulty and disappointment.

What these people have accomplished and done for humanity makes being a real estate agent in Colorado look easy! These inspirational leaders serve as role models for the bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish in life personally and in my career as Sam Wilson real estate agent.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Living in Colorado?

On a personal and fun note to wrap this up, I love Colorado because it offers access to all my favorite things to do when I’m not a being a real estate agent in Colorado.  By the way, let’s get together to enjoy some outdoor activities when you’re not in the market to buy or sell a home—just for fun.

Starting with winter sports, my passion is skiing! I took up snowboarding and still ride on occasion. The Colorado front range mountain ski resorts are my favorites, including Copper Mountain, Winter Park, and a bit further north, Steamboat Springs CO. I have some secret runs that most skiers don’t know about at all three that I’d love to turn you on to.

Sam Wilson EXP Realtor

Sam and Pamela Wilson Harley Ride Lake City, CO

In the summer, I’m an avid cyclist and mountain biker. Road biking in the Jefferson County Colorado, and the Denver area is fantastic. You can ride for hundreds of miles without ever riding on a street.  My go-to favorite place for mountain biking is in Steamboat Springs CO—the bike park on the ski mountain and the nearly endless cross-county trails on Emerald Mountain are excellent. Not to mention the new trails in the vicinity that pop up every year.

And then there’s the Harley—that’s a story for another time when we can talk about Sturgis. Outside of Colorado and the mountains another favorite place of mine is the ocean and sitting on a white-sand beach.

BB King Blues Club Memphis

At BB King’s Blues Club Memphis, TN

I’m a long time fan of blues music. Attending the annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis for many years has been great fun. If you love the blues it’s a great time on Beale Street.  My wife, Pamela, surprised me for my 50th birthday by taking me to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Attending has become a frequent annual event in addition to attending other blues festivals in Colorado. We’ve met great friends on our travels that became lifelong friends.


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