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New Listings of Homes for Sale in Jefferson County, Colorado

Check out these new listings of homes for sale in Jefferson County, Colorado. In addition to the homes that you see below, we will create a custom list of homes for sale in the area you choose that are in your price range. The custom new listings of homes for sale report will also feature homes for sale that you can’t find online. Note: if you are currently under contract with another realtor we are unable to assist you. 

Realtors on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team are home buying and home selling experts in Jefferson County, Colorado. Sam Wilson is an expert real estate negotiator who helps home buyers find their dream home. Excellent communication and detailed follow-through result in a stress-free real estate experience with real estate deals that close on schedule.

Simply complete the form at the right on this page with your information and Sam Wilson, a knowledgeable Jefferson County realtor will contact you.

Scroll Through These Photos to See New Listings of Homes for Sale

To see the new listings of homes for sale, press the arrow key at the right to see these homes for sale. If you don’t see what you’re looking for complete the form at the right and Sam will email you homes that may be a better match for your needs.

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Jefferson County Colorado is a Great Place to Live

Whether you are a long-time Colorado resident or new to Colorado, Jefferson County Colorado is the gateway to the mountains offering the best of city living close to the Denver metro area. The Denver metro area continues to be a solid market for real estate buyers and sellers. Monthly real estate market trend reports can be found in our Real Estate Blog as well as other helpful real estate articles and tips. Check back here often to see the new listings of homes for sale in Jefferson County Colorado.

The Benefits of Working With an Experienced Real Estate Team

As you look through these new listings of homes for sale, consider the benefits of working with Sam Wilson and an experienced real estate team. Sam Wilson has been a Lakewood, Colorado realtor for twenty years. He is an expert in the home real estate market as well as a short sale and foreclosure real estate expert.

Experience in the local Jefferson County Colorado and Lakewood Colorado real estate markets means that Sam Wilson can discuss real estate trends with home buyers and home sellers. Sam can tell you which neighborhoods are trending up in sales and talk about the pros and cons of different areas. New listings of homes for sale Sam WilsonKnowledgeable referrals to mortgage lenders, home inspectors, home repairs contractors, and other service providers are a part of the services offered by the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. If you see a new home listing that interests you, call or text Sam Wilson at 303-770-1250 and he will provide more information and an honest opinion about the home.

Hiring the Right Realtor Can Make All the Difference in Your Home Buying Experience

While it might be tempting to hire a realtor who is a friend, inexperienced realtors can cost you the home of your dreams by missing consequential details. Get our FREE report, 10 Tips for Hiring a Realtor to know what questions you should ask when interviewing a realtor.

If you are looking to buy your first home, it is important to avoid first time home buyer mistakes. Looking at home listings on the internet is only one part of buying a home. Conflict resolution and top negotiating skills are part of the requirements for realtors working with other realtors, lenders, and the team of people involved in closing a real estate deal especially with new listings of homes for sale.

Once you meet Sam Wilson and his team you will be confident that you are making the right choice with one of the most important decisions of your life — buying or selling a home. To get to know Sam a little better, scroll down to watch the video at the bottom of this page.

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team Offers Expertise and High Ethical Standards of Honesty and Integrity

new listings of homes for sale

Expertise is provided to home buyers and sellers in a variety of ways:

  • Knowledge of the local market
  • Market research and pricing knowledge
  • Referrals to reliable companies offering services beneficial for home buyers and sellers
  • Top real estate negotiating skills
  • Experience closing real estate deals when unexpected problems arise
  • Obtaining buyer or seller concessions when necessary
  • Knowledge of essential home repairs and real estate inspections
  • Top communication skills, accessibility, and thorough follow up
  • Real estate advice
  • Estate and probate sales
  • Short sales
  • Foreclosure sales
  • Experience representing home buyers and sellers in thousands of transactions

Learn more about what real estate clients have to say about Sam and the Home Selling Team by reading testimonials and watching videos from past clients.

New Listings of Homes for Sale: When is the Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home?

Does the time of year make a difference when looking for new listings of homes for sale? The answer is that it depends. Each season of the year has pros and cons.

The winter months in colder weather climates can be a slow season or a hot selling season. For example, winter in Colorado may be a great time to buy if you are an outdoor sports enthusiast and enjoy skiing. Homeowners who list their homes during the winter are serious about selling. The months of December, January and February can be the perfect time to find a dream home. While homeowners may think that winter isn’t a great time to buy or sell a home, winter presents the opportunity of less competition before the busier spring selling season.

Spring and Summer are Traditionally Busier Seasons for Homebuyers and Homesellers

new listings of homes for sale

Spring begins the busy home selling and home buying season. Because consumers are ready to get outdoors, more homes come up for sale. Spring results in a more competitive real estate market that can place more pressure on home buyers to find the perfect home. Homeowners who sell in the spring may be motivated to get settled by summer and fall school schedules.

The early days of summer are prime for buyers who may have lost out on finding a home during the spring season due to high prices or competition. The number of homes on the market may be lower due to summer vacations and children being out of school. If families did not make a move in the spring, a move may be delayed until later in the fall or early the following year. Buying in the summer has it’s pros and cons. Be prepared to move quickly if you find a great home to allow sellers ample time to find their next home and be settled by back to school time if children are in the family.

Fall and Winter Present Opportunites and Less Competition

list of homes for sale

The fall season can be another great time to buy and sell a home. Children are back in school. Single adults or empty nesters lack the seasonality issues of families with children. Having the flexibility to buy into the fall and the holiday season can offer significant opportunities to find the home you want with less competition.

Truly the best time to buy or sell a home is when the time is right for your individual or family situation. Each season of the year has its own highlights. Working with an experienced real estate agent offers the best opportunity any time of year to buy or sell at a price that meets your requirements and your budget.

Selling a Home? Sam Wilson Offers a Home For Sale Guarantee

If you are selling a home, learn more about the Sam Wilson Home for Sale Guarantee.

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