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The Knock Home Swap™ Colorado program allows home sellers to buy before you sell your current home without additional costs. You will have only one mortgage and avoid the stress and uncertainty of owning two homes. You won’t have to move twice if your home sells quickly and worry about finding a temporary home to rent.

You can learn more about this buy before you sell, a revolutionary real estate program offered by Knock certified agents on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team by completing the form at the right to download the free informational brochure.

Gain Peace Of Mind and Buy Your Next Home

You’ve probably heard horror stories of home buyers who purchased their next home and the deal on their prior home fell through resulting in owning two homes at the same time. If you are considering selling your home and buying in a competitive real estate market, the possibility and worry about paying two mortgages, utilities, and other expenses may be weighing on your mind.

Add to this concern the rapid pace of home sales, having to compete with other buyers in a multiple offer situation, and worry about finding the right home. You can gain peace of mind to buy before you sell and avoid these common worries. It’s true, real estate markets throughout the United States are experiencing price appreciation and fast-paced home sales. Working with an experienced realtor who can coach you on making solid offers and preparing your home for sale is essential to maximize your financial goals.

If you qualify for this program the question of how to buy before you sell will be solved. The balancing act of going back and forth between two homes will be solved when you are fully moved in and enjoying your new home. Concentrating on getting your old home ready to sell will be easier without the distraction of living in your home while trying to sell.

It’s Easy to Buy Before You Sell

Unlock your equity for both a down payment and the cash you need for repairs and upgrades to ensure selling for top-dollar. Complete those much-needed repairs and updates after you move out. This program is the future of buy before you sell that gives homeowners a break from the stress of trying to make repairs, show your home, pack, and move in a very short period of time.

By participating in this buy before you sell program, you can avoid leaving your home for home showings and potential buyers who want to visit your home at all hours of the day. You’ll also receive the expertise of Realtors on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team to help you every step of the way in selling and buying your Denver Colorado area home. If you are selling in Denver and looking to buy in another part of the United States, Sam Wilson can connect you with reputable and trustworthy Realtors in other states.

Search for your next home and move in. Buy before you sell to enjoy your new home and allow Sam Wilson and his team of Realtors to take care of the details to place your home on the market for sale. Gain the confidence you need to make the right choice in hiring a realtor on our team by reading what our customers have to say about us.

If you qualify, the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team will pay for a FREE pre-listing home inspection so you can make repairs and buy before you sell.  

The Knock Home Swap™ Colorado Program

Knock certified agentIf this buy before you sell program sounds too good to be true, it’s NOT. This program is:

  • NOT about bridge or home equity loans
  • It’s NOT a refinancing program.
  • There are NO tricks and NO gimmicks

The Knock Home Swap™ Colorado program is fully transparent. The details and qualifications are explained upfront during a no-obligation consultation. The benefits of the buy before you sell program are listed in the brochure you can download from this page.

There are NO unpleasant surprises or high-pressure sales pitches. It’s simple and easy, the Knock Home Swap™ Colorado program reduces the stress of buying and selling a home. Realtors on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team are Knock certified agents.

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The knowledgeable Realtors at the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team offer one-of-a-kind customer service, superior negotiation skills, and unique marketing programs to deliver a fast and efficient sale of your home. This buy before you sell program smoothes the way for an easy transition to your new home and the sale of your old home.

Sam Wilson Realtor in Lakewood, Colorado, and his professional team of real estate agents help home sellers and home buyers get the optimal price when buying or selling a house. Gain peace of mind and receive superior customer service from the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team.

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