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​Get a free home inspection with qualification and participation in the Knock Home Swap™ program from Knock certified agent Sam Wilson. Home sellers looking for their next home can avoid home inspection surprises before putting a home on the market.

Lakewood, Colorado Realtor® Sam Wilson will pay for a free home inspection, there’s no charge for the inspection for home sellers interested in selling and buying a home with participation in the Knock Home Swap™ program*. Details about the program are available by calling Sam Wilson at 303-770-1250 or reading this blog post: How to Trade In Your House: Buy Your Next Home Before You Sell.

Receive a Free Home Inspection to Relieve Worry About Selling Your Home

Why wait until an interested home buyer receives an inspection report for your home and then make repairs? Home sellers can save thousands of dollars by being proactive to repair small issues and make improvements to add value to the sale price of your home. A clean and repair-free home is easier to sell.

Call today to learn about this free home inspection offer from Sam Wilson. A quality home inspection allows you to make repairs before listing your home.

Home sellers utilizing the free home inspection will:

  • Reduce anxiety about potential issues that might kill the sale of your home
  • Have details about the condition of your home to support pricing competitively with other homes for sale in the area
  • Offer confidence to potential buyers viewing your home
  • Avoid the pressure of deadlines to complete repairs while your home for sale is under contract
  • Minimize home repair requests from home buyers that are “nice to have” but not considered necessary by home inspectors

Make a Solid Offer For Your Next Home By Removing the Contingency of Selling Your Current Home

Knock certified agentWorking with a Knock certified agent on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team gives home sellers the advantage of removing the contingency of selling a home before you buy. Real estate markets across the United States and throughout the world are seeing permanent upward price adjustments in real estate markets resulting in homes selling above listing prices with multiple offers.

By providing real estate market information and trends, we help home sellers and buyers make sound decisions. We let you know what it takes to get the home of your dreams in terms of making a solid offer and being time-sensitive to viewing homes on the market that may be selling quickly. We thoroughly research local neighborhoods to gather pricing trends and sales information.

If you are thinking about selling your home and wonder what your home is worth, we offer a variety of options for a real estate price opinion. Learn how much money you will receive after selling your home to buy your next home.

Knowledgeable Real Estate Advice for Home Sellers and Buyers

Home inspections and repairs are a negotiating point that can make or break a real estate deal. Hiring a realtor who has top negotiating skills is essential to know that your interests will be well-represented. Realtors on the Sam Wilson Home Selling team are professionals who offer one-of-a-kind customer service.

When you receive information from the free home inspection report you can decide what repairs to make. The best news is that you won’t have to worry about being able to pay for the repairs. Our Knock certified agents will explain how participants in the Knock Home Swap program receive funds to complete home repairs. We offer real estate advice based on more than twenty years of experience in the Denver area real estate market.

Understanding the needs of our clients is our goal to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the support we offer. Clients we work with have a variety of questions about selling and buying homes. Our website was created to offer current real estate advice and market trends for our clients.

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Not Ready to Sell Today? Download Our Free Home Inspection Checklist

If you’re not ready to sell, don’t wait to get a jump start on potential inspection issues by downloading our Free Home Inspection Checklist. You can make simple repairs today and contact us to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment to plan the sale of your home. Check out our real estate tips page for more free downloadable checklists and reports.

If You Are Thinking of Buying or Selling – We Are Here for You

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home in Lakewood, CO? Get expert real estate advice when house hunting for homes for sale in Lakewood, CO, Jefferson County, and the Denver metro area. Work with a buyer’s agent on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, we make you a priority and share our expertise to make the home buying or selling process as stress-free as possible. Contact us to learn about the qualification of the Knock program.*

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team specializes in homes in Lakewood CO, and Jefferson County Colorado, including Arvada, Aspen Park, Conifer, Edgewater, Evergreen, Genesee, Golden, Idledale, Indian Hills, Ken Caryl, Kittredge, Lakeside, Lakewood, Littleton, Morrison, Mountain View, West Pleasant View, and Wheat Ridge.

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