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Get a real estate price opinion for homes in Lakewood Colorado, and the Denver metro area here. If you wonder what your home is worth or have other questions about properly pricing a home for sale, read on. This article offers real estate advice and an opportunity to receive excellent customer service from the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team when you sell or buy a home.

What is Your Lakewood Colorado or Denver Metro Area Home Worth?

Realtor® Sam Wilson offers three options to understand the sales value of your home—Good, Better, and Best (more details are below)

You will receive:

  • Information about what homes down the street sold for
  • An accurate price range plus how your home compares to recent home listings and sales in the area
  • A thorough real estate price opinion and market analysis that includes an exterior and interior review of your home

What is a Real Estate Price Opinion?

A real estate price opinion may also be called a broker price opinion or a comparative market analysis. This report, compiled by a licensed real estate agent or a broker, offers an opinion of the value of your home. A real estate price opinion is most often used to establish the selling price for a property.

While realtors make pricing recommendations, it is up to the homeowner to determine the final listing price for a home. Setting the right price is one of the most critical factors to ensure that a home sells within the first week or two of coming on the market.

If you price your home and are not receiving offers, it is likely priced above other homes in the market offering a similar or better value. While homeowners may not want to hear that their home was overpriced, the real estate market will respond with offers from home buyers when the price is right.

Can I Price My Home Too High?

Homeowners who are not in a hurry to sell may choose to overprice their home. By using a strategy of sequentially decreasing the price of a house every two weeks when no offers are received—a seller will eventually arrive at the price where the home sells by receiving and accepting an offer.

There are upsides and downsides to overpricing a home. Overpricing a home may mean that comparable homes in the area will receive offers and sell before an overpriced home.

Another concern is that home buyers may become suspicious about why a house is sitting on the market and not selling. While the selling delay may relate solely to list price, some realtors and buyers may wonder if the home has a repair or other concerning issue.

Real Estate Price Opinion Lakewood Colorado Options

The real estate price opinion Lakewood Colorado program from the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team offers three convenient options to receive information about your home. All options are a complimentary service.

Homeowners can choose from the following:

1  GOOD—No Conversation or Visit Necessary

price opinion Lakewood ColoradoThe GOOD price opinion is for the nosy neighbor or a homeowner who is curious about the sales price of homes in the area. You may or may not have any intention to sell your home today or soon.

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team will research your property in the public records, search recent sales and active listings, and email you the requested information.

It’s free and easy. No phone conversation or visit to your home is necessary.

Whether you are looking to sell in the next twelve months or sometime in the future, it’s never too early to start planning. Our Real Estate Tips page offers a variety of free reports to help you start thinking about home inspections and how to prepare your home for sale. 

We are here when you need us. Bookmark our real estate blog that is updated on an ongoing basis with helpful articles for home buyers or sellers. Check back frequently for updates and new information and market statistics about Lakewood Colorado and the Denver area real estate market.

2  BETTER— More Information With a 10-Minute Phone Conversation (No Visit Required)

real estate price opinion

The BETTER real estate price opinion Lakewood Colorado option is an option if you plan to sell your home in the next 6-12 months. In addition to the GOOD program above that includes researching your property in the public records and searching recent sales and active listings, we will:

  • Schedule a 10-minute phone call or a video call to learn more about your home
  • Prepare and provide a detailed real estate price opinion report with comparative home sales and photographs
  • Detail a summary of how your home compares to recent listings and home sales
  • Email and mail a printed copy of the real estate price opinion information

Request our FREE report about why buyers visit homes and don’t make offers so that you know how to make your home more attractive to home buyers. 

3  BEST – Greater Accuracy with an Initial Phone Call and Visit to Your Home

price opinion Lakewood Colorado

The BEST real estate price opinion Lakewood Colorado option includes the Good and Better options above for homeowners who are planning to sell a home within the next three to six months, plus:

  • A personal visit to your home for a tour and detailed discussion of your home, improvements made, and any updates or repairs that may be in progress
  • A detailed analysis of market sales trends in your neighborhood
  • Insights from our contact with listing agents who sold recent homes in the area
  • Personal viewings of active homes for sale
  • Discussing value adjustments to your home based on agent contact and personal viewings of homes currently for sale
  • An in-person or video call to present the information from the report
  • Our home sale guarantee for the sales price of your home based on this research

You can request any of the real estate price opinions by completing a form on this page and mentioning the GOOD, BETTER, or BEST price opinion in the comments section.

How to Sell Your Home and Buy Your Next Home

If you are interested in a real estate price opinion and serious about selling your home, ask about our program that allows you to buy your next home and move in before putting your current home on the market. This program avoids many of the hassles that homeowners experience when buying and selling a home at the same time.

Learn more about this program HERE. By answering a few simple questions, you will know if this program is a match for you.

If You Are Thinking of Buying or Selling – We Are Here for You

Are you thinking about buying a home in Lakewood, CO? Get expert real estate advice when house hunting for homes for sale in Lakewood, CO, Jefferson County, and the Denver metro area. Work with a buyer’s agent on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, we make you a priority and share our expertise to make the home buying or selling process as stress-free as possible.

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