What is EXP Realty? How to Create a Real Estate Business Instead of Having a Real Estate Job

Are you curious about EXP realty careers? Have you investigated EXP realty but can’t make heads or tails of the numbers or the commission structures? Like me, you might not have connected with the right person who could give a simple explanation for what is EXP realty—or answer how does might being a Realtor with EXP work for you?  I’m Sam Wilson broker of The Sam Wilson Group at EXP. In my opinion, EXP realty represents a pay it forward movement of realtors supporting realtors and local communities.What is EXP Realty Sam Wilson EXP Realtor

I understand EXP today—but it took me nearly two years to find the right person to explain EXP realty careers and the concept of income for life that results from the simple meaning of pay it forward. Agents approached me—most didn’t follow through—they turned me off of the idea of exploring EXP realty careers. You might have had a similar experience.

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Why Consider a Career at EXP Realty?

The EXP model seemed complicated—it didn’t make sense. My wife—a no-nonsense woman who doesn’t hesitate to ask difficult questions—cross-examined anyone who approached me about EXP like they were on the witness stand. She wanted to know what worked—and, more importantly, what didn’t work. Who did what they said and who dropped the ball and didn’t follow through with their commitments.

Today EXP realty careers and the concept of income for life offer the opportunity to earn revenue by implementing a consistent process of attracting and producing.  Attracting means inviting other realtors to learn about a better way of life. Producing means helping buyers and sellers—closing real estate deals to earn income. Actions that create a pay-it-forward movement.

The Sam Wilson Group at EXP – Creating a Pay it Forward Movement

EXP creates opportunities for realtors to pay it forward by helping each other and local communities. Don’t know what pay if forward means?

Pay it forward is an expression that means when the recipient of an act of kindness does something kind for someone else rather than merely accepting or repaying the original good deed. 

To learn about my personal commitment to pay it forward check out these videos on my YouTube channel.

If you’ve never seen the movie Pay it Forward. watch this movie trailer below to get an idea of how the pay it forward movement we’re creating at The Sam Wilson Group at EXP can change lives.

What is EXP Realty? Is it Possible for One Idea to Change the World?

EXP Realty Careers—A Better Solution

Like you—before I joined EXP realty—I was looking for a better solution. Seeing the changes in the real estate industry, I was looking for the future of real estate. It’s here. This article creates a vision of how EXP realty careers can change your life. Read on if you’re willing to be open-minded, think bigger, and create a long-term vision for your life that you can accomplish.

I’ll also share why choosing a career at The Sam Wilson Group at EXP—no matter where you live in the United States or even outside of the country—might be something to think about.

Create Your Dream at EXP Realty

You might have dreams of a predictable income, positive relationships, a lifestyle that supports activity or travel, the ability to build a retirement nest egg —all while working in a positive environment.  COVID-19 crushed many of these dreams. Companies throughout the United States have closed. The real estate industry has changed.

What is exp realty

The world has changed, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams. If you’re new to real estate or an experienced agent, EXP realty careers and understanding what is EXP gives you the power to move ahead with confidence.

Real Estate Challenges

Do you remember your first year in real estate? Big dreams? Maybe you struggled to earn income—or maybe creating a steady income stream is still a concern. We’ve all been there.

A lack of lead generation systems, trying to keep up with technology, dealing with rejection, contracts, paperwork, managing a P&L— all challenges for real estate agents who are working to maintain or grow a business.  Not to mention the financial pressures of paying the bills or supporting a family and sleepless nights.

Having the answer to what is EXP realty may give you back a few of those sleepless nights. Imagine a day when you don’t have to worry about income to support your family. Most real estate agents work for years and have nothing to show for their efforts. When most realtors stop helping buyers and sellers or when realtors retire the monthly income ends. At The Sam Wilson Group at EXP Realty, you can build a business that offers immediate income and a long term revenue stream.

Interested in Rising Above the Average?

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median gross income of REALTORS®—income earned from real estate activities—was $41,800 in 2018, an increase from $39,800 in 2017. Those who function as sales agents typically reported a median income of $31,900, an increase from $27,220 reported in 2017. Income was typically commensurate with experience.

Careers at expREALTORS® with 16 years or more experience had a median gross income of $71,000—down from $78,880 in 2017—compared to REALTORS® with two years or less experience that had a median gross income of $9,300—an increase from $8,330 in 2017.

The Sam Wilson Group at EXP Realty— a Pay it Forward Movement to Create Income for Life

If you’re a detail person, my EXP team and I offer an online demo presentation with no obligation. We provide the details that answer the question of what is EXP and how does EXP works —  in a way that’s easy to understand There’s no smoke and mirrors—no magic.

Careers at EXP help build income for life by paying it forward. Realtors who join EXP support each other to build profitable real estate businesses by paying it forward.

You can join The Sam Wilson Group at EXP as an individual agent or on the real estate team. In either role, by helping and attracting agents you can generate a revenue stream over and above regular real estate commissions.

What is exp realtyEXP realty offers financial incentives for top real estate producers that include EXP stock and unlocking maximum revenue sharing. With the remote real estate office model, EXP corporate takes care of contract review, offers remote workspaces, and other benefits.

Pay it Forward: Start Small Dream Big

 The EXP concept is the idea of paying it forward in real estate. By helping others, you help yourself, your family, and the community.

Careers at EXP can create a revenue stream much like the concept of an annuity stream for you that can pay your yearly mortgage, give you money to send your kids to college, allow you to stop worrying about paying the bills, or build a retirement nest egg so that you can live the lifestyle you want. You create your goal—careers at EXP offer a solution.

 A simple example:

Do you have a financial planner? Are you familiar with the concept of an annuity? An annuity is a long-term investment that you make to receive a regular income stream in retirement. For example, to receive a $3,000 monthly income in retirement, you’d need to save a nest egg of $900,000. Are you on track with your retirement savings goals?Pay it forward movement As an EXP realtor, you have the opportunity to create this revenue stream today by helping other agents who help other agents do the same.

Contact me to schedule a free no-obligation demo where my team and I will share all the details of careers at EXP and what is EXP so that you can create a real estate business for life.

What is EXP Realty? Real Leadership

Real leadership represents the vision of The Sam Wilson Group at EXP—realtors helping realtors support the pay it forward movement. We work together individually and collectively as a team. We embrace positivity. We hold each other accountable. We create goals and chase our dreams with passion.

Careers at The Sam Wilson Group at EXP aren’t for everyone. We’re not about ego. There’s no room for office politics, negativity, blaming, or complaining. No been that done that thinking. We take the high road to excel and offer an exceptional customer experience.

An EXP career at The Sam Wilson Group means:

  • Surrounding yourself with support and colleagues who care about you
  • Getting as much from the team as you give to the team
  • Working in a culture that lifts, encourages, and inspires you
  • Investing in yourself by participating in real estate coaching and training
  • Learning sales, negotiation, and people skills that drive success
  • Creating goals, embracing accountability, and implementing consistent habits that deliver stable and long-lasting income
  • Supporting your and your family to create financial prosperity and the lifestyle of your dreams
  • Gaining momentum to pay it forward.

To learn about EXP careers at The Sam Wilson Group at EXP no matter where you live in the United States, contact Sam Wilson today to schedule an online demo that answers what is EXP realty? Join the pay it forward movement today to help other realtors and your local community.Sam Wilson EXP Realtor

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