Sam Wilson Team Leader About Building a Real Estate Team

Sam Wilson team leader of the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP is building a real estate team and creating The 7 Level Club for top-producing individual agents to change the way realtors live, work, and play. Learn how real estate teams and individual agents succeed at the Sam Wilson Group at EXP Realty, the cloud brokerage that means that realtors work together no matter where you live in the United States, Canada, or Internationally.

Are you running your real estate practice like a real estate business? Or is real estate something you do in your spare time to make extra money — like a side hustle? Or are you a part-time realtor wishing you had enough business to dedicate 100% of your time to real estate. Being an entrepreneur is the American dream. If you are interested in building a real estate team and a real estate business you’re in the right place.

If you are a realtor running your own real estate brokerage, or you are with another real estate company you probably don’t have the opportunity to earn company stock through your real estate business and have other opportunities to build your long-term financial future. Learn why joining EXP Realty as a team member or an individual agent makes financial sense today for your future and your family.

Why Joining the RIGHT Real Estate Team at EXP Contributes to Your Success

Joining the RIGHT group or team at EXP is important for your future. The group you join as an individual agent or the team you join as a team agent offers access to top performers and people who will support you (or not) within the EXP system. We know this from talking to realtors who joined EXP about their onboarding experiences.

The Sam Wilson Team supports training for sellers and buyers agents. We realize that real estate seller agents and buyer agents need different skills and learning needs to achieve the best results from a real estate career.

Joining a group or team that doesn’t have a commitment to a team mindset is a mistake. We know because we’ve talked to agents who didn’t understand how EXP works. We’ve also had interest from realtors with an interest to join but who aren’t committed to do the work or have any interest in training. We’re all about teamwork, training, and support. If you’re willing to do the work, Sam Wilson, the team leader is willing to invest time with you to support your goals.

Sam Wilson Team LeaderWhat’s Your Exit Strategy to Retirement?

The choice to join a real estate team or to be an individual agent is a question constantly on the minds of many real estate agents. How can a realtor evaluate and make the right choice for a long-term real estate career? It doesn’t matter if you are a new real estate agent or a top individual producing agent—learning about what is EXP Realty from Sam Wilson can change the financial long-term picture of your life.

Top producing agents think they have a long-term strategy for a real estate business. Real estate agents on a team working for a traditional real estate brokerage may think they have a strategy until something changes. As a real estate agent and business owner making any significant change in your strategy or your business can take you off your game and affect your income. But—what if this change could fast forward your business and your income for the rest of your life? Would you be interested?

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Building a Real Estate TeamFast Forward Your Real Estate Income

If you’re interested in learning how to fast forward your income, keep reading. Information for new real estate agents and top individual producing agents is here.

Over the past 20 years, Sam Wilson team leader has been in both of these roles, building a real estate team and as a top producing agent with two traditional real estate brokerages. Get the facts about building a real estate career here. Learn why becoming a real estate agent at the Sam Wilson Group at EXP might make sense for you. If you’re willing to think differently and embrace the future of the real estate business, the EXP real estate cloud brokerage concept might be for you.

Getting Started as a New Real Estate Agent

Congratulations on getting your real estate license. You may have decided on a real estate career because you heard that realtors make a lot of money or because you like helping people.  How do you get on the fast track to build a successful real estate career?

One of the best ways to fast-track a real estate career is to find a mentor or a real estate coach. The first truth about real estate is that most new agents don’t have the money to pay $2,000 a month for coaching and training. The second truth is that top producing agents are successful because they work long, hard, and smart. Have you considered joining a real estate mastermind group to speed your learning curve?

The Denver Colorado area and many large metro areas have more than 20,000 practicing real estate agents. If you’re a new real estate agent how do you compete? Business doesn’t start automatically rolling in when a realtor becomes licensed. The phone doesn’t start ringing off the hook. If only real estate worked that way!

Realtors Ask: Why Join a Real Estate Team?

Secrets to Real Estate Success

There’s no one secret to real estate success—however, there are common themes across real estate and other careers. Sam Wilson team leader shares practical tips to start the conversation of why building a real estate team or being an individual agent at the Sam Wilson Group EXP Realty group makes long-term financial success.Building a Real Estate Team

  • Hope does not equal success. Hoping that business comes your way, without implementing a daily plan of consistent habits can feel like a struggle. Being on a real estate team offers systems and processes to deliver success.
  • Investing in yourself equals success. Investing can be training, financial investing—or in a perfect world both. EXP Realty offers the best of both worlds. Training, real estate commissions, stock, ownership, and a way to build a recurring income.
  • Attending events and educational programs can be inspirational. Realtors are social people. It’s what a real estate agent does with the education after the program that matters. Sam Wilson is a real estate coach and trainer who coaches real estate agents throughout the United States.
  • As a new real estate agent you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s easy to get sidetracked performing tasks that offer no financial return. Meeting weekly with a real estate coach helps you focus and spend time on the important things.
  • Realtors get a paycheck each time a deal closes. This means that real estate agents must continually prospect to create a stream of clients to create an ongoing income. Sam Wilson’s real estate team offers systems that provide leads and appointments making it easier to create a stable income.

Why Joining A Real Estate Team at the Sam Wilson Group at EXP May Be Perfect for You

Let’s be honest. One realtor can only do so much. There are a finite number of hours in each day. As a realtor, prospecting and building relationships are critical to success. New real estate agents who want to build their business, work long hours—including many evenings and weekends. The information you learn in real estate school to get a real estate license is great, but it doesn’t teach you how to run a real estate business.

For Sam Wilson team leader, part of the desire in building a real estate team is the ability to give back to real estate agents who want to build a real estate business. Logic would say that learning real estate tips from someone who has been there and succeeded might be a great path.

Why then don’t more agents join a team? The answer is simple—it all comes down to money.

Commissions Splits Can Be Stumbling Blocks

Money is a practical concern for everyone. Paying the bills and having extra money to save and play is what drives many people to work hard. Building a real estate business allows realtors to work hard and play hard.

Sam Wilson Team LeaderWhen thinking about the benefits of joining a real estate team versus being an individual agent, commission splits are a stumbling block. The question of who gets how much can be a barrier to making the decision between joining a real estate team or being an individual agent. Changing to a new brokerage means the annual cap starts all over again.

What if re-evaluating your long term business priorities means that change can move your real estate business forward? What if this change meant you can work and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams? If you are interested in learning how to build a long-term real estate business consider speaking with Sam Wilson. A real estate career is a long term investment in the future. The earlier that agents realize the potential earnings associated with being on a real estate team that teaches agents to build their own business the sooner agents can hit their income goals. Your financial future begins with having an open mind to talk about real estate career opportunities.

Most real estate agents aren’t open-minded enough to ask how working on a real estate team means they make more money and have a work-life balance. If you’re open to a conversation with Sam Wilson he will share the details that clear out the elephant in the room about commission splits. He will show you how building a real estate team is possible when you join the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team of realtors who support the success of other realtors. Together everyone wins.

Real Estate Expenses Quickly Eat into Profits If Not Managed Well

Underestimating the costs that it takes to run a real estate business without creating a budget and managing a profit and loss statement gives realtors that butterflies in the stomach feeling when it comes time to write checks to pay the monthly bills. There isn’t a single realtor that hasn’t felt dread over managing a P&L at some point in his or her career.

Normal expenses separate from the desk fee and the commission split paid by real estate agents include:

  • Access to the MLS—The Multiple Listing Service
  • Association and real estate licensing fees including the cost of attending continuing education courses
  • The practicalities of maintaining a car including car payments or a lease, regular maintenance, car insurance, gas, etc.
  • Technology including a computer, internet access, computer software, and a whole host of other programs like accounting software to run a real estate business
  • Realtors are independent contractors who pay self-employment taxes, income tax, and fund individual health insurance
  • Marketing costs related to lead generation, advertising campaigns, business cards, brochures, networking group fees, social media, and everything else it takes to get noticed and compete as a realtor

How can real estate agents balance expenses and get the support to build a real estate business?  Having an open mind to consider all the options is essential. Including—at least initially—a lower commission split associated with joining a real estate team.

The Elephant in the Room: Real Estate Team Commission Splits

Traditional Real Estate ModelBeing a real estate team leader means that the agent leading the team makes a financial investment in the team and bears most of the financial risk. Because of the financial risk, the commission split on a real estate team is lower than being an individual agent who manages his or her own P&L and bears full financial risk.

Joining a real estate team makes sense for many realtors. At the time a realtor reaches a consistent annual revenue this may be the time when realtors consider leaving a traditional real estate brokerage to become an individual agent and to investigate how to build a real estate team.

How does leaving a real estate team work out when a realtor is with a traditional real estate brokerage? Most brokerages don’t have anything to offer to agents who worked hard to build a real estate business. Because of hard costs, the commission structure cannot be changed.

The Break Down of the Traditional Real Estate Brokerage

Traditional real estate brokerages have hard costs—even though most real estate agents only see what happens at the local level. The traditional model of real estate is an international real estate company with levels underneath of a regional franchise, a local franchise, the team leader-manager-recruiter, and a local real estate office.

Sam Wilson team leader worked under the multi-level structure of a traditional real estate brokerage for many years. He was an owner of a local Keller Williams office in Colorado before leaving to start his own real estate brokerage.

Sam Wilson Team LeaderWhen commission splits become an issue, many realtors go find the next place to hang their license or start their own real estate business. Leaving a traditional real estate brokerage is the inevitable path for top-producing real estate agents or real estate agents on a team, but it doesn’t have to be any longer.

Becoming an EXP realtor within a group of top-producing realtors like the Sam Wilson Group if you are a realtor anywhere in the United States is possible with the EXP cloud real estate concept. It doesn’t matter if you live in California, Texas, or Florida, Sam Wilson may be the EXP group for you.

What If Building a Real Estate Team and a Real Estate Business Could Be Different?

It can be. The EXP Realty concept supports realtors who want to join a team or be an individual agent anywhere in the United States or Canada. The ability to collaborate and learn from agents within a group offers endless possibilities for individual agents who are interested in being on or building a real estate team within the Sam Wilson Group at EXP. Not all agents want to be individual agents. Many prefer working on a team.

When you are with the Sam Wilson Group at EXP—the choice is yours. You don’t have to start from scratch all over again if you want to change between being on a team or being a top producing individual agent running your own team.

Sam Wilson Team at EXP RealtyJoining the Sam Wilson Group at EXP gives realtors the best of both worlds. The support of being on a real estate team and the ability to be a top producing agent. Top producing individual agents at the Sam Wilson Group at EXP can join the Sam Wilson 7 Level Club of high performers, a mastermind group, who take advantage of the EXP Icon Equity Award and revenue sharing while sharing best real estate practices. Why shouldn’t top producers learn from top producers?

The question to ask is why would a top independent agent give up independence and flexibility to join EXP? Why start all over again and take a risk? This is the million-dollar question that has the potential of million-dollar revenue for agents who want to create a long term income and exit strategy. Making this type of income is possible and it’s proven.

Create Your Exit Strategy to Generate Regular Long-Term Income

The truth about real estate. Realtors must keep prospecting and producing at the same level to deliver the same revenue. If a realtor becomes sick or has life circumstances that reduce focus, income may dip at least temporarily.

Eighty percent of realtors find it challenging to generate steady income. Without consistent effort, there are significant swings in annual income. When local market conditions change there can be income highs and lows.  EXP offers realtors three levels of income. There’s no smoke and mirrors to the way this works. It’s simple:

  • Real estate commissions
  • EXP stock
  • A seven-level revenue (not profit) share

If you’re a top producer or a hard-working realtor interested in building a real estate business, EXP makes logical and practical sense if you can find someone who can clearly outline the benefits and what it takes to succeed.  Sam Wilson team leader can explain the EXP system in a way that makes financial sense. If you think of income at EXP realty like an annuity, the effort you put into building your real estate practice generates regular monthly income in addition to the real estate commissions you earn.

EXP is a single brokerage. It’s not a franchise like traditional real estate brokerages. Systems and processes are cloud-based. You can work anywhere and be part of the Sam Wilson Group at EXP.

Sam Wilson EXP Real Estate

Why Would a Top Producing Agent Make the Change to the Sam Wilson Group at EXP?

Sam Wilson team leader at the Sam Wilson Selling Team at EXP has been an individual agent and a team leader. He’s been on both sides of the fence previously starting at Century 21, being an owner at Keller-Williams, owning his own brokerage, and subsequently joining EXP. There’s something to be said for experience.

Real Estate GoalsWilson built a large team, downsized and restructured while creating a structure for the future with EXP Realty setting the foundation. Why would a top producing agent make the change to join the Sam Wilson Group at EXP?

The Sam Wilson Group consists of the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team and high producing individual real estate agents. What’s in it for you if you are a top-producing real estate agent?

In addition to the regular benefits of the EXP cloud brokerage model that includes having your own website, 50 hours a week of live training that focuses on branding, selling, and how to create winning social media campaigns, you have access to EXP World and a local EXP broker. Opportunities for collaboration—the idea of realtors helping realtors exist if you’re interested.

Then there’s the opportunity to grow a financially prosperous real estate business. You’ll be able to support your family and won’t have to worry about income. You may be thinking, I can already do this – what else can Sam Wilson do for me that I can’t do for myself?

The 7 Level Club at the Sam Wilson Group: Top Producers Supporting Top Producers

The “what else” for top producing agents is access to other top-producing agents willing to share best practices in a mastermind group setting. Sam Wilson has built and managed real estate mastermind and sales groups throughout his real estate and corporate marketing and sales career. Sam is creating The 7 Level Club of top producing agents within the Sam Wilson Group. Realtors helping other realtors grow real estate businesses.

The way to generate long term revenue within EXP Realty is to attract other agents interested in working with you. These real estate agents can be on your team or they can be individual agents.

Flexibility is the beauty of EXP. Here’s a simple example of how top producing agents can make monthly income in addition to real estate commissions. You attract ten capping agents who attract 10 capping agents. This attraction equates to a monthly income of $29,000 or $348,000 annually.

What if you were able to duplicate this down 7 levels? That’s the idea of creating an exit strategy.

EXP Revenue Share Admittedly, no single agent can accomplish this overnight. If you’re working hard at a traditional real estate brokerage you don’t have this revenue-building opportunity. The work you personally put in day after day results in your monthly income. There’s no recurring income unless you create the income.

If you make the change to join the Sam Wilson Group at EXP imagine where your income can be a year from now or two years from now. If you don’t where will you be a year from now? Learn more about EXP to start creating a new vision for your life today.

By joining the Sam Wilson Group at EXP as a top producer you can join the 7 Level Club that consists of top-producing real estate agents willing to go the distance to help other top-producing real agents. And don’t worry, if you’re not yet a top producer, you can still join as an individual agent or as part of the Sam Wilson Group Home Selling Team. You’ll have the flexibility to grow your business and join the 7 Level Club.

Building a Realtor Community That Pays it Forward

Sam Wilson is building a realtor community that pays it forward. What are your goals? Are you hitting the business plans that you established? What might be holding you back?

If you are interested in receiving information about networking and other tips for realtors, subscribe to Sam’s realtor community newsletter. This realtor community building effort is for any realtor interested in learning and business building. It’s not about competing. Building a realtor community is all about meeting, sharing, and networking with other realtors locally and nationally who have a sincere interest in the pay it forward movement.

Let’s be honest, you’re already working hard. Why not work hard and join a real estate group where realtors help other realtors reap the financial benefits?

Sam Wilson Team Leader Imagine not having to worry about the balance in your bank account every month or whether you can afford to buy a new car or take your family on a vacation. When you reach this level of real estate success, building a real estate team to help other agents may be your goal. Giving back to your local community through charitable contributions may be one of your goals.

Your dream may be to create a long-term financial legacy to support your family. Working at a traditional real estate brokerage won’t help you achieve these goals.

Whatever your financial, personal, or charitable goals, joining the Sam Wilson Group at EXP realty can make dreams come true for real estate agents committed to building a real estate business. Create your future. Join the Sam Wilson Group as a top producing individual agent or become part of the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team today.

To learn more about EXP Realty contact Sam Wilson. Sam will explain how EXP can change your financial future and give you an exit plan that continues to pay long after you retire.


Call or text Sam at 303-770-1250 and learn how EXP can work for you and your family.


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