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Homeowners ask how much can I sell my house for in the Denver area? What are Denver area homes for sale worth? Can you sell my home? The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team sells homes for sale near Denver CO, and throughout the Denver metro area like nearby Lakewood, CO.

Sam Wilson, the knowledgeable realtor, answers all these frequently asked questions and more about homes for sale near Denver CO selling your home. Sam Wilson is a 20+ year real estate expert, and national real estate coach with the Craig Proctor Organization who educates home buyers and sellers about the real facts of what your home will sell for, how long it will take, and how many buyers are in the market for your home.

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In this article, you will find answers to:

  • Why on-line home selling-sites underprice your home
  • Why it’s crucial to read the small print on “I buy ugly homes” websites
  • How not to fall for the oldest real estate agent trick in the book
  • What determines the market value of a home?
  • How do I get a reliable home value estimate that I can trust?
  • How much can I sell my house for?

How Much Can I Sell My House For?Sell My Home

More information about homes for sale near Denver CO is in our real estate blog article, How to Sell My Home Fast in Lakewood Colorado and Surrounding Areas. Get your free report with advice on selling your home—10 Tips for How to Sell a Home Fast and Avoid Costly Mistakes—on Sam Wilson’s real estate tips page.

Read on to learn about Sam Wilson’s answers to how much can I sell my house for, and how do I sell my home near Denver CO?

Do Online Home Selling Sites Provide an Accurate Sales Price for My Denver CO?

Top ranking websites and widgets are on-line where homeowners enter an address and an email address to find out what your home is worth.  Many of these large sites have disclosures buried the links.  Small print disclaimers on these websites tell you that home values using algorithms or data compiled from public records are not 100% accurate. This means you won’t receive accurate information that answers the question of ho much can I sell my house for? Unfortunately, few homeowners take the time to read the small print.

On-line home value estimator programs cannot compare your home equally to other homes for sale near Denver CO, especially if you’ve made updates. If you take a close look at the Denver area homes that these sites compare your home to—the home addresses may not even be close to your Denver area neighborhood. Technology can be a lifesaver, but when it comes to your most valuable asset, do you trust a computer program to price your Denver area home right?

How Do I Know if My Denver Area Home is Priced Right?

The pitfalls of overpricing your home

Underpricing or overpricing your home has obvious pitfalls. Let’s talk about overpricing first. When you interviewed realtors in the Denver area, did you hire the realtor who promised your home would sell at a higher price than other Denver area realtors you interviewed?

Maybe you are at the point of deciding to interview a realtor? Maybe you’ve only looked at the online home value estimators to answer the question of how much can I sell my house for and you’re already feeling uncomfortable.

Either way, it’s easy to fall for the oldest trick in the book. Hiring a realtor who makes promises that he or she can’t keep or trusting a computer to value your home. Homeowners who say “it’s been months and my home is not selling” fell into the trap of believing the pricing strategy of a realtor who wanted to get their listing.  Real estate is a competitive business. Because home-selling is an emotional process, it’s easy to want to believe that your home may be worth more than it is even when other homes in your neighborhood haven’t sold for near the listing price that the realtor you hired recommended. How much can I sell my house for can be an emotional decision when the facts are not taken into consideration.

How to hire the right real estate agent

Some realtors will lie or mislead you to get you to hire them over a more experienced realtor. The answer to the question “do real estate agents lie about offers” is yes—some real estate agents purposely mislead home sellers.

Knowing how to hire the right real estate agent in the Denver area is one of the most important steps you can take. If you hear a realtor who says, “the other realtor doesn’t believe in your home as much as I do,” keep looking for an honest and experienced realtor. If your overpriced home sits too long in a hot market, it almost always sells for less than it’s worth because of home buyer perception and curiosity about “what’s wrong with this house?”

Why home value estimators underprice your home

On-line computer home value estimators typically underprice your home—by thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The small print on these sites tells you right off that the algorithms on their site aren’t accurate. They’re looking for buyers who want the cheapest deal or home sellers who are in financial trouble. On-line home value estimators take advantage of vulnerable homeowners. Don’t fall into this trap.

What Should Homeowners Know About Free Home Value Estimator Sites?

Homes for Sale Near Denver CO Seller beware! The small print and hidden disclosures on home value estimator websites require you to agree to endless spam emails. You will likely receive calls from multiple realtors and even real estate investors looking for a cheap deal on your home. You may receive a price estimate that later has to be decreased because your home needs repairs even though you were promised that your home would sell as is. Inexperienced realtors lack negotiation skills. Sam Wilson is an expert real estate negotiator. With more than twenty years in the business, he negotiates and closes the best deals for his clients.

Here’s another fact that you probably don’t know. Sam has experience with the workings of free home value estimator sites. What these sites don’t tell homeowners is that these giant companies target and make money off of realtors looking for sales leads. These sites take thousands of dollars from realtors who believe the information provided about home sellers is accurate. In this situation—home sellers and realtors—are the victims. Homeowners don’t realize that their information is sold and realtors don’t realize they’re competing to make the first call to a homeowner. It’s a bad practice, either way, you look at it.

Even real estate agents can fall for tricks

Early on in Sam’s real estate career, he fell into the same trap of many new realtors. He purchased real estate sales leads from giant sites wanting to believe that they were honest. He and many other realtors don’t know any better. The complaints and frustrations that Sam Wilson received from home sellers who signed up with the online free home value estimator sites were shocking. This tactic is common in real estate and other businesses.

How many have you seen real estate commercials on television promising to connect you with top agents in your area? Or other companies who say that their services are totally free but when you look into it they’re not free at all. Ask for the details before you agree. Find out what the catch might be. These giant sites sell your personal information to real estate agents who rush to accept your information and contact you. This common practice in real estate makes it more difficult to find a knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agent to represent you.

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team protects your privacy. Relationships are confidential. We don’t sell your information to any third party. We are transparent in all of our actions and seek to protect the information and best interest of our clients. There are no tricks and no gimmicks. Honest and ethical practice in real estate is our priority.

Should Homeowners Worry About Using a Find Out What Your Home is Worth Website?

Yes. Another significant risk in using on-line free home value estimator websites is that many of these big real estate websites—in addition to promising to sell your home—are also home buyers and home investors. The term used in the real estate industry for this is “IBuyer.” Few real estate agents will educate you about how these online sites work if you don’t ask. The difference between Sam Wilson and other realtors is the level of education provided to clients.

On IBuyer sites, your personal information is gathered when you complete the form for “find out what your home is worth.”  Inaccurate estimates of the value of your home are sent to you so that they can make you a low-ball offer. These sites don’t represent you—they don’t have your best interests at heart. IBuyer sites are predators interested in making a profit off vulnerable home sellers. They don’t care about you or how much money you will or won’t make on the sale of your home. They serve real estate investors looking to make a quick buck.

How To Avoid Choosing the Wrong Realtor?

Choosing the Wrong RealtorThe first step to finding a knowledgeable realtor that you can trust is to be trustworthy and honest yourself. If you are only curious about the value of your home—if you are looking for a ballpark home value—use one of the online home estimators knowing that you’ll receive an inaccurate and misleading home value. Caution: don’t give out your real email address or phone number.

If you give your real email address and phone number—get ready to receive multiple calls from agents who were misled into paying for your information. Be honest—tell agents who call you’re not prepared to sell your home so that they don’t put you on their follow up list. Just as you don’t want to be “sold,”—real estate agents prefer honest and direct communication instead of following up with homeowners who are afraid to say “no—I’m not interested. If you want to work with an honest realtor—return the favor to realtors. Be honest and direct.

How Do I Find a Knowledgeable Realtor I Can Trust?

When you are really ready to sell your home in the next 30-90 days, start the process to interview and hire a realtor. The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team are knowledgeable realtors who will treat you with dignity and respect.  Make the choice to work with a Denver CO realtor like Sam Wilson instead of trusting your most valuable asset to a large real estate site or team where you will be a number and not a priority.

Working with The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, a Denver area realtor is the best way to find out what your home will really sell for, how long it will take, and how many buyers are looking for a home like yours.  Working with a seller’s agent is the first step to take advantage of the equity in your home that you’ve worked for years to accumulate.

What Determines the Market Value of a Home?

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team offers you a realistic price opinion about the market value of your Denver area home. The detailed home evaluation that answers how much can I sell my house for provided by Sam Wilson is a complete comparison of your home to the features and prices of recent home sales and active listings in your neighborhood.  If you’re curious, you can do a drive-by of homes recently sold in your neighborhood to take a peek.

To answer the question of how much can I sell my house for, Sam Wilson analyzes and shares with you how long it will take to get your home sold, given the current and competitive home selling market data.  More importantly, you’ll learn how many home buyers are in the market for homes for sale near Denver CO like yours. Recent real estate trends and other information are offered at the initial meeting with The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team.

How Do I Get a Reliable Home Value Estimate I Can Trust?

Homes for sale near Denver CO

Part of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team’s commitment is the pay it forward movement. Realtors helping realtors and people helping people. The Sam Wilson team of realtors commits to customer service. When clients sign a listing agreement, you have access to Sam Wilson and other realtors in his office who are there to help. Additionally, people helping people means that if you need referrals to companies who can make repairs or help get your home ready for sale—we have people to help.

Providing a realistic price opinion for homes for sale near Denver CO is part of the process for you to get to know The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. Obtaining a price opinion for homes for sale near Denver CO is a free service. There is never any obligation to list or sell your home with the team if you don’t feel we are the knowledgeable realtor for you.

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team Pay It Forward Movement

 Service is a priority of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. We follow the National Association of Realtor Standards of Practice. We’re committed to fair and ethical practices in real estate. We don’t lie or misrepresent information to get your business—we’d rather walk away than make a commitment we can’t meet.

We pay it forward to the Denver CO community by providing helpful and accurate home selling information for homeowners asking how much can I sell my house for? The real estate team intends to help you preserve and protect the hard-earned equity you’ve built in your home.

What is the Next Step For Learning How Much Can I Sell My House For?

How Much Can I Sell My Home ForAfter contacting Sam Wilson of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, we will schedule a time to meet with you at your home for sale near Denver CO. To price your home right, it’s essential to see and evaluate the unique and special differences, upgrades, and updates to your home. Pricing transparency discussions and reviews are how we’re different from the on-line home valuator websites—in addition to the fact that we’re caring people.

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your home and how it compares to others in your neighborhood, The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team will complete the price opinion and present a detailed report. We take our relationship with clients seriously. We’re personable, knowledgeable, and experiences.

How to Take the Next Step to Receive Real Estate Advice

Complete the form at the right of this page. We don’t have lengthy disclosures. Unlike other large estate sites, we don’t sell your information—period. We’re transparent about how we help home sellers with homes for sale near Denver, CO. Working with integrity and transparency is our goal. We’re a no surprise real estate team that believes in honest and frequent communication with our clients.

After completing the form, expect a phone call so that we can get to learn more about your needs and interest in selling your home.  We will schedule a time to meet in person to complete our research and do the homework necessary to provide you with a home value report.

Hesitant to Provide Your Information Online?

Sam Wilson Denver CO Realtor

If you are hesitant to provide your information online, we understand. If you’ve had a bad experience, you might be reluctant to provide your information. No worries!

Call or text Sam Wilson at 303-770-1250. He will return your call to answer the question of how much can I sell my house for and share information about homes like yours for sale near Denver, CO.





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