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This home inspection checklist for sellers helps you avoid costly delays and unexpected repairs that you may have to make to sell your home. Save time and worry with this 12-step printable home inspection checklist. Be prepared, not surprised. Get FREE Instant Access by completing the form in the right column on this page or if you’re viewing this on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the form. 

Caution: Home Inspection Traps That Most Sellers Don’t Expect Can Cost Thousands of Dollars

Home inspections gone bad are one of the many reasons real estate contracts fall apart if your buyer wants repairs made—and you chose an inexperienced real estate agent who can’t negotiate a compromise. While home inspections typically occur after a home buyer makes an offer, a home seller can choose to have a home inspection completed before listing a house.

Pros and cons exist about the timing of a home inspection that a knowledgeable Realtor® should explain to home sellers during the listing process. You’ll also want to make sure that you use a qualified home inspector. Using an inexperienced home inspector can create long-lasting problems that make selling a home a challenge.

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers Avoids Small Issues from Becoming Deal Breakers

Regardless of whether you decide to have your home inspected before listing your home, reviewing this home inspection checklist for sellers will help you avoid a home inspection report that gives buyers a reason to run the other way.  This 12-step printable home inspection checklist lists common issues identified in most home inspections.

Whether your home is new or well-lived in, you’ll want to pay close attention to avoid turning prospective home buyers away. By knowing what to look for, you can prevent small issues from becoming deal breakers. A knowledgeable realtor will also offer tips beyond the home inspection to make sure your home’s first impression wins the hearts of potential home buyers.

Since home inspections can be worrisome, we thought we’d offer a few laughs courtesy of Tom Hanks and Shelley Long.

The Money Pit: A Little Care and a Little Imagination and It’s Going to Be Great!

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To help you avoid home inspection flags like the ones in the video above, this FREE special report, Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers: 12 Tips to Avoid Costly Delays When Selling Your Home reduces the worry that can result from the home inspection process. Hiring a knowledgeable realtor who knows the facts about real estate makes a difference.

If you’re getting ready to list your home, no matter where you live—this free report can smooth the home inspection process. Because of Sam Wilson’s commitment to homeowner education, if you have questions after downloading the report, but before you hire a listing agent, Sam Wilson will be happy to answer your questions.

Sam Wilson’s Bonus Tip – One Thing Other Realtors May Not Tell You About Home Inspectors

Hiring an experienced home inspector is as important as hiring an experienced realtor. Ask about the credentials of the home inspector. As questions like how long has the home inspector been operating? How many home inspection reports has the inspector completed? In a perfect world, home inspectors with expertise in construction or home building who can educate you about findings during your home inspection is a plus. By working with a credentialed home inspector, you’ll learn more about what to look for when buying your next home.


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