About Allana Skidmore Realtor ® and Team Assistant at the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at eXp Realty Denver

Allana Skidmore is a Realtor® with the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP in Lakewood, Colorado, and the Team Assistant for the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. In addition to Allana following in her father’s footsteps in real estate to help home buyers and home sellers, learn about Allana’s early life, interests, and her passions here.

Allana’s Early Family Life

Allana Skidmore RealtorAllana was born in Logan, Utah, while her parents attended Utah State. They soon moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She is the oldest of 4, with two sisters and one brother.

Coming from a sports-driven family, she was on a team every season of the year. She developed friendships while being on numerous teams playing softball, swimming, soccer, volleyball, and track. Being in so many sports taught Allana that teamwork makes the dream work. A strong team can accomplish the impossible and make it fun along the way.

When you meet Allana, her enthusiasm for working with and helping people shines through. She is a team player in the real estate industry, bringing home buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, and others together to ensure a smooth experience all the way to closing.

Another strong value Allana grew up with was a love for animals. In high school, her family lived on an acre where they had a dog, a cat, a bunny, a hamster, 35 chickens, and five turkeys. They even had an incubator and hatched their baby chicks!

Her parents would deny it, but secretly they love moving. She has never lived in one house for more than three years. Frequent moves from home to home may contribute to Allana’s commitment to make sure real estate clients find their perfect home.

Allana (right) with her brother and two sisters

Allana Takes an Early Interest In Real Estate

When Allana was about 12 years old, her dad started his real estate and property management business. She saw firsthand the ups and downs of starting a career in the real estate industry. Her father is an admirable role model for all realtors as he shows up for his clients in every possible way. Allana Skidmore Realtor follows in his footsteps and doesn’t miss a beat in her desire to help clients.

About five years ago, Allana moved to Denver with nothing more than what could fit in her ’96 Buick. She instantly fell in love with the nature and food-loving people of Colorado. She excelled in the service industry during her time here but soon wanted more challenge and growth. Following in her dad’s footsteps, she got her real estate license and is thrilled to excel in this industry as well. Today, Allana Skidmore is a Realtor and team assistant with the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at eXp Realty.

Favorite Holiday?

Allana’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Coming from a huge extended family, Thanksgiving becomes a whole three-day event. Between the huge variety of food to fill plates, the endless sports games, board games, a family-friendly hike, and a talent show for the kids, celebrating Thanksgiving is a one-of-a-kind annual celebration.

The talent show is an opportunity for the grandkids to get up on stage, perform a skit, sing, play piano, share an art project, dance, and tell a fun story and impressions. After that, the sky’s the limit. Allana’s family is performance-driven and encourages the children to show off and have fun on a literal stage.

Allana realizes that home is where the heart is. Making holidays and everyday special is why it’s important for home buyers and sellers to find a home that fits their lifestyle, work, and family needs.

Favorite Activities?

Similar to most Coloradans, Allana loves the outdoors. Camping under the stars and hiking all over. She has done 11 Fourteeners (a mountain whose peak is more than 14,000 feet in elevation).

Allana Skidmore Realtor

Allana atop Mt. Sherman at 14,036 ft. in elevation

Allana and her boyfriend made it a goal last summer to see as many waterfalls as possible. Traveling around the state, they saw 26 different waterfalls. One of her favorites is South Clear Creek Falls. Pictured is South Clear Creek Falls. If you find yourself near Creede, CO, be sure to check out the handful of waterfalls in the area.

Allana Skidmore Realtor

Allana at South Clear Creek Falls

She also really enjoys paddle boarding. Her favorite lake in Colorado is Lake San Cristobal. She also highly recommends visiting quaint Lake City, Colorado.

In 2019, Allana made the crazy decision to jump out of a plane for fun! Going up the tiny plane that barely fit four people to jumping out and gliding in the wind back down. It started as her brother and cousin’s idea for their 18th birthday, and obviously, she and her dad wanted to tag along. Making it a whole family event, her mom only had a minor heart attack (figuratively).

Yoga is another one of Allana’s favorite activities. She has been practicing for ten years. She enjoys checking out different studios around Denver. Some are very difficult and sweaty, while others focus on a more spiritual and breathing technique.

She loves the power of meditation and reads self-improvement books regularly to continue her personal growth. Her latest interests are in learning to rollerblade, and she has an unexpected newfound joy for cooking. Looking for a home with a great kitchen for cooking? Allana can help.

The Last Book She Read?

The last book Allana read and thoroughly enjoyed was written by one of her favorite authors, Jodi Picoult. Titled Small Great Things. This book has multiple perspectives and bounces between character points of view in each chapter. It is a story about a black woman in New York working as a midwife. The beauty of this book is the focus on creating empathy for life experiences that shape who people become.

Picoult reminds us that we are all human. The Washington Post said, “Small Great Things is the most important novel Jodi Picoult has ever written . . . It will challenge readers  . . . and expand our cultural conversation about race and prejudice.” This is a book Allana could not put down until she read every page.

Who Would You Like to Talk to Living or Dead?

If Allana could sit down with anybody, she would choose her great-great-grandma, Rachel Brathen, and Robin Williams. Her great-great-grandma has always been an incredible lady in Allana’s eyes, hearing the stories of her grit and kindness. Being the wife of a military man, she spent a lot of time raising six children independently.

When something broke, she fixed it. When her husband was transferred, she packed her life up and moved. Everyone who knew her spoke highly of her. Her kids and grandkids adored her. She lived to be 101 years old and died when Allana was 20. Allana thinks it’s important to learn stories about family ancestry.

Allana Skydiving

Allana is on another adventure – skydiving!

Rachel Brathen is her yoga idol. She has been following her journey for years. Her realness and inspirational experiences set a true example for Allana. In her book, To Love and Let Go, she describes the heart-wrenching losses she has lived through, the lengths that she has gone to truly heal herself, and how yoga completely changed the course of her life. If Allana ever ran into her at the airport, she would be star-struck.

Lastly, being a truly genuine guy who loved life, Robin Williams is the third person Allana would sit down with.

Mental health is not talked about enough in society. Williams is an excellent example of the importance of being kind to everyone because you never know what is going on deep down.

He had such a positive impact on so many people yet took his own life. He would be such an engaging, hilarious, and wonderful person to talk to.


Allana’s Passions In Addition to Real Estate

Allana Skidmore Realtor

Allana Camping with Penny Her Dog

In addition to her career as Allana Skidmore Realtor, dogs are Allana’s passion! She volunteers at the shelter and has fostered multiple dogs for a year and a half. She loves learning about training techniques and properly gaining an abused dog’s trust.

Allana also has her nine-month-old fur baby, Penny, who is her whole world. One day, Allana wants to own a home with a designated area of the house where she can foster 3-4 dogs.

She is also slowly working with Penny too, when she has a fostering system in place, to be a “shelter dog service dog.” Helping dog reactivity, trust in people/men, house manners, dog communication, etc. But, for now, Penny is the cute, sassy, cuddly puppy Allana always dreamed of and more!

Here’s How to Contact Allana Skidmore Realtor & Team Assistant

Allana Skidmore Realtor

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