Tammy Fabregas Realtor® With the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at eXp Realty Denver Colorado

Tammy Fabregas is a Realtor® with the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team at EXP in Lakewood, CO. Learn about Tammy’s early life, interests, and why she is passionate about helping people here.

Tammy was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and spent ten years in Louisiana before moving to a suburb outside of Houston, Texas. She graduated high school there and attended college. She began working in office settings in Houston. After living in a south Texas city like Houston and growing up near the beach it’s easy to understand why she hadn’t seen snow before August of 1999. After living in a mostly hot, humid season-less climate for 25 years Tammy jumped at the opportunity to move to Denver.

She fondly remembers her first view of the Colorado Rockies coming into focus as the smell of the dog food plant on I-70 wafted into her nostrils. At first, she thought it smelled like fried chicken and asked her mom, “what’s that on the horizon?”, and her mom answered back, “it’s the mountains, and I can’t wait to show you!”. After that initial drive into Golden CO, Tammy fell in love with Colorado, the foothills, and tons of outdoor activities. Colorado is filled with blue sky, clear days, and yes even snow.

Growing up in a climate where rain was a regular occurrence, she truly enjoys the over 300 days of sunshine here in Colorado per year. She loves that just about the time she gets tired of a season, it changes!

Tammy Fabregas – Family

Tammy is married with a large blended family. Her only daughter is currently working toward her master’s degree. Her eldest son is the father to their oldest granddaughter and last but certainly, not least they have triplet boys, yes triplets! Tammy and her wife, Coreen, LOVE being grandparents to two beautiful granddaughters. They enjoy camping, hiking, exploring, and going out to eat. Mostly she and her wife work around the house on home improvement projects and spend a good part of the year planning out their infamous Halloween Bash where they turn their garage into a multi-room haunted house and the front and backyards into a Halloween whimsy.

Tammy is also an avid gym-goer and likes to start off each weekday with a workout. In the past, she has been a member of two different chorale groups where she sang at a “Light the Lights” event in downtown Denver and sang the National Anthem at a Colorado Rockies game celebration, not to mention singing at many Mile High Church services.Tammy Fabregas Realtor

How Long Have You Been a Full-Time Real Estate Agent In Colorado?

Tammy Fabregas Realtor joined Wilson Group Real Estate in 2017 and has enjoyed every minute. In her life before real estate, she managed offices from overseas recruiting to mental health practice. You could say that her background is in customer service and that gives her specialized knowledge in knowing what the customer wants. As a realtor, Tammy loves getting the job done and prides herself in doing what she LOVES. As an outgoing, making friends in the grocery store line type of person, she comes to real estate naturally. She enjoys getting to know the people she works with and prides herself in finding what they are truly looking for.

What Are Your Superpowers?

Tammy was brought up to believe that the only way you get better is to work hard and practice often. Hard work doesn’t scare her. Tammy Fabregas realtor truly believes if you want something done right you must work hard to get it! Tammy is an outgoing spirit and makes fast friends, and she brings that to every job she has ever worked.

She strives to treat every client like family and provide a satisfaction-guaranteed atmosphere. She enjoys listing that home that just doesn’t fit the family anymore. Tammy Fabregas, realtor also enjoys freeing up her clients to find a home that is perfect for them. Tammy specializes in negotiating to get her sellers the list price they want and deserve. She provides exceptional service to all of her clients and looks forward to leaving a lasting impression that finds her attending most clients’ housewarming parties!

Describe Your Community Involvement and Interests

Tammy Fabregas RealtorTammy is an active member of the West Metro Chamber of Commerce and attends the Union Corridor Professionals group monthly, to stay abreast of the current comings and goings of everything Lakewood has to offer. She keeps her ear to the ground and her nose to the grindstone every day.

Professional photography, home warranties, pre-inspections, and staging advice are just some of the perks Tammy Fabregas realtor offers her clients. She has helped to close around 200 deals at the Sam Wilson Group and believes that she is working with the BEST that Denver has to offer in real estate with the Sam Wilson Group Home Selling Team.

Who Are Three People Living or Dead That You’d Like to Meet and Why

If Tammy had the chance to sit down with a few famous people she would like to talk with Steve Jobs, President Barak Obama, and the actress, Drew Barrymore. She would enjoy asking questions about seeing themselves through adversity and coming out on top!

If You Weren’t a Realtor What Would You Be Doing?

Ultimately, Tammy would love to become a camp host anywhere in the country during the summers and volunteer at an animal non-profit when she isn’t hosting campers! As a child, Tammy believed she wanted to work with animals and even trained dolphins at Sea World. It’s nice to have big dreams, right? Tammy would love to have God on her pen pal list, not to know the secrets of the universe, but to be able to ask “if we are getting things right?”, and to ask “what else she can do to make the world a better place?”.

Here’s How to Contact Tammy Fabregas Realtor

Email: Tammy@SamWilsonGroup.com

Phone or Text: 720-352-9898

If you’re thinking of selling your home or if you are searching for homes, check out our Home Search page and contact Tammy to learn more about listing or making an offer by completing the form at the right

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