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Vince Atkinson was born outside of Chicago but soon moved to a small town in southern Indiana named Vincennes. Here, Vince graduated from high school and moved to Bloomington, Indiana to complete his degree in Economics from Indiana University.

Indiana University LogoWhile attending Indiana University, Vince was very involved in campus clubs and his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi. He spent his sophomore year as house manager before the COVID-19 pandemic forced all the students to leave campus and return to their homes.

Phi Kappa Psi

Growing up, Vince had always planned to move to Colorado after getting his degree because of the beautiful scenery and incredible people. So he quickly jumped on his opportunity when it presented itself.


Why A Career in Real Estate?

There are many reasons that Vince chose a career in real estate. The first and most prominent is Vince’s love of forming relationships with new people and helping them achieve their goals. He has often been called a “social butterfly.” Vince sincerely wanted a career where he could continue to meet new people and form mutually beneficial relationships. A career as a realtor with the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team was the perfect match for Vince.

Vince Atkinson Realtor is interested in all types of properties from homes, to commercial buildings and the different architectural styles. In his spare time in school, Vince searched property listing websites. He compared the prices of different styles and sizes of homes in different locations until he had a solid grasp of how to value properties accurately.

What are Your Biggest Strengths?

Vince Young Boy

Vince was raised with the idea that nothing great can be obtained without working for it. He understands that anything worth getting must be achieved with focus and diligence.

This lesson was not learned passively. As a young middle schooler, Vince spent his summers working on a watermelon farm to save money to buy a car when he turned sixteen—working to earn money and saving taught Vince the value of delayed gratification and the importance of staying focused on the end goal instead of getting distracted by short-term wants.

Watermelon farm

Vince has continued to carry this lesson through his life and applies it to everything he does. He understands that the best results are often not the fastest results and applies this ideal when working with his clients.

Vince doesn’t want his clients to settle for their first available option but instead wait to find the perfect choice. This desire to understand and meet client needs has excelled Vince’s real estate career as his clients are delighted with their results.

Why Make Denver Home?

Vince has always loved spending his time outdoors, surrounded by nature. Growing up in a small farming town in Indiana, there often wasn’t much to do other than spending time with friends at a lake or hiking trail. While Vince is still very fond of Indiana, he is ready to live in a big city while still having access to great outdoor activities.

Vince was also very fond of the hospitality of the people he grew up around. Finding a city with people who shared the same courtesy and politeness led him to Denver.

He loves meeting people anywhere, from the line at the grocery store to the West Metro Chamber networking events. He is thrilled that the people in Colorado share many of the same values as those in his hometown

Steamboat Ski Mountain

He could not have been happier with his decision! He loves to ski, snowshoe, hike, and raft in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and unwind with friends at one of the many fantastic restaurants Denver offers.

What Does Vince Do When He’s Not Helping Clients Buy or Sell Homes?

While Vince has many hobbies, his favorite thing to do in his free time is play sports. He’s not picky about what sports he likes to play, but his favorites are basketball and golf. In high school, Vince played four sports and didn’t want to stop enjoying them after he graduated.

Vince Atkinson Realtor

Left to right Vince’s mother, Vince, sister Bella and Vince’s Father

He’s part of a men’s basketball league here in the city and regularly goes to Fox Hollow golf course to improve his game. He’s always open to golfing a round with anybody who desires and loves meeting new people on the course.

Vince also loves to ski and snowboard. The mountains offered quite a different skiing experience than what was available in Indiana. He hasn’t made it to all the resorts yet, but so far, some of his favorites include Loveland and Breckinridge.

While improving his skiing/snowboarding skill, he hopes to one day take an expedition to Alaska and ski down mountains that aren’t relatively as easy to access. His mother taught him how to ski, and he can’t wait to take her to lovely resorts around the Rockies.

If Vince Could Have Dinner With One Person, Living or Dead, Who Would It Be?

Vince had a tough time coming up with an answer for this because there were so many people he would love to meet. He finally decided on Dale Carnegie.

Vince’s favorite book is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. He has read the book many times but still has a burning urge to ask him questions and find out how he was able to come to the conclusions he did.

Vince first read the book in high school and found that applying the topics taught by Mr. Carnegie caused his relationships to flourish. Vince loves making people smile, and he accredits part of his ability to do so to the lessons introduced by Dale Carnegie.

What is the Last Book You Read?

FlourishThe last book Vince read was called “Flourish” written by Martin E.P. Seligman. This book allows readers to discover how positivity can affect their lives and happiness.

It will enable the reader to look deeply into themselves to find their authentic sources of joy. Vince learned that helping others is what makes him truly happy, and he is beyond excited to continue to do so in the world of real estate.

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