Denver Colorado Real Estate 2022 Trends and Predictions

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The Denver Colorado, real estate market continues to rock and roll. Get the latest Denver Colorado real estate 2022 trends and predictions from knowledgeable Realtor® Sam Wilson.

Denver Colorado Real Estate 2022 Trends and Predictions

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Residential home listings jumped in the month of February from a December low of 1719 to 2910 for detached homes representing an increase of +69.2%. Speculators confirm that it’s likely more homes will come on the market due to the threat of rising mortgage rates as the year progresses.

What Are Homes in Denver Colorado Selling For?

Year over year, from February 2021 to 2022, average closed home prices have skyrocketed:

  • Residential-detached homes saw a 16.3% increase from $635,000 to $739,000
  • Residential attached homes increased by 19.8% from $530,000 to $635,000

This news is great for home sellers who want to get their hard-earned equity out of their homes and trade-up or downsize. First-time buyers and buyers of replacement homes will continue to pay more for homes in a hot real estate market like Denver, where values will continue to appreciate.

The good news for everyone is that buying a home in Denver is a good financial move if you can stay put for a few years.

The New Sweet Spots for Homebuyers

A new sweet spot is evolving for homebuyers. In-between homebuyers with equity, those receiving loans from family, Ibuyers, and investors who scoop up homes for cash—there are homes in the middle that need a little TLC.

  • Cash buyers willing to pay over market prices for homes in good condition make it difficult for first-time homebuyers to compete.
  • Ibuyers and investors have strict financial targets. This means that fixer-uppers not available at bargain-basement prices don’t meet their flip, fix, and sell or fix and rent criteria.

This trend makes fixer-uppers the new sweet spot for homebuyers.

Working With An Experienced Realtor Is Critical in a Hot Market

Denver Colorado real estate 2022 trends indicate that price appreciation is likely to continue due to expected interest rate increases. Rising home values means that buyers who succeed in finding their dream home must look for homes in lower price brackets.

The condition and location of a home unlock future price appreciation. The old adage of buying the worst house in the best neighborhood is even more relevant today in Denver’s real estate market.

These factors make working with experienced realtors on The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team critical. With more than 20 years of experience helping thousands of buyers and sellers, realtors on the team serve as real estate advisors. Learn what clients have to say about Sam and the team here.

Homesellers and homebuyers receive honest feedback and education from Sam Wilson and realtors on the team about home features that are more likely to increase a home’s value and their experiences helping buyers purchase fixer-uppers or buy as-in homes.

Get Ready for the Denver Colorado Summer Selling Season

If you are a potential buyer or seller and have not hired a realtor, contact Sam Wilson to learn more about Denver Colorado real estate 2022 trends. Buying and selling a home is a major financial decision.

It’s usually not possible for the average consumer to keep up with all aspects of real estate. This is why using a real estate specialist like Sam Wilson and the Sam Wilson Group gives homebuyers and home sellers the information they need to know when making one of the most critical decisions of their lives.

Work with agents who prioritize your needs and share their expertise to make the home buying or selling process as stress-free as possible. With a plan and a trusted real estate advisor, you will feel in control of the choices and the process for buying or selling a home.

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