Downsizing to a Smaller House

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​Are you thinking about downsizing to a smaller house, but you’re not sure where to begin? Practical aspects of life may have you thinking that it’s time. Thinking about the process of getting a home ready for sale and selling a home may feel overwhelming.

The realtors® on the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team are your go-to solution for downsizing to a smaller house. Sam Wilson is a knowledgeable realtor in Lakewood, Colorado, and the Denver metro area. Clients receive real estate advice and selling or buying services plus resources for the other aspects of downsizing to a smaller house.

Common Reasons Why Homeowners Downsize a Home

Many reasons exist for downsizing and can depend on age and lifestyle. Middle-aged couples who become empty-nesters may want a more carefree life. Single adults may want more freedom to come and go without worrying about leaving a property vacant.

According to the National Association of Realtors, older buyers who downsize in the age group of 74 to 94 are more clear about reasons for moving:

  • The desire to be closer to friends and family (24%)
  • For a smaller home (24%)
  • Want the right home with an expected tenure in the home at a median of 10 years
  • Move due to a household member’s health (34%)
  • Expected this to be their forever home (33%)

Whatever your reasons for downsizing, make sure to use a knowledgeable realtor like Sam Wilson who can guide you through the home selling and home buying process.

  • Focusing on lifestyle and activities—instead of home maintenance projects
  • Decluttering to keep the things you love today—so that your kids aren’t left cleaning out your house later
  • Having more time to focus on health, well-being, and future needs—that become more important with age
  • Taking the equity out of a large home to buy a replacement home and have money left to do the things you’ve always wanted to do by checking items off your bucket list

There’s No Time Like Now  – What’s On Your Bucket List?

Downsizing to a Smaller House and Creating the Lifestyle, You’ve Always Wanted

Owning a large home, especially after children are grown and have their own families, can become a time and money burden. Are you finding that you’re spending too much time on yard work, home maintenance, and cleaning projects? Has the house become a project instead of something you enjoy?

If so, downsizing to a smaller house may involve looking at your interests, financial situation, location of friends and family, and how you want to spend your time. Even if you haven’t fully decided that the time is now to make a move, having a plan for the future is wise.

If you wonder what your home would sell for, request a free, no-obligation home value report today.

Decluttering to Keep the Things You Love Today and Creating Tomorrow

bucket listWith time, homes become filled with years of memories. It is easy to use spare bedrooms or a basement to store items you think you might need. When was the last time you used that cheese plate, bread maker, cocktail mixer, or fondue set? While it may be difficult to donate or give away unused items, decluttering a home makes it easier to sell your home and move when you want.

If decluttering seems like a daunting task, spend 30 minutes a day going through closets, junk drawers, spare bedrooms, and basement areas. You’ll be surprised how much you can clear out in a little more than three hours each week.

By donating items or giving to friends or family, you help others while helping yourself get ready for downsizing to a smaller house. Your children may be relieved to see you cleaning out the house.

If you’re concerned about home repairs or a home inspection, request our FREE Home Inspection Checklist.

Focusing on Health, Well-Being, and Future Needs

Health and well-being become more important aspects with age. Have you always dreamed of living near a golf course or in a home with access to plentiful outdoor activities? If so, downsizing to a smaller house may make this dream come true.

If you have health concerns, you may be interested in moving closer to medical care, family, or friends. Prioritizing access to services and conveniences—like having a 5-minute drive to the grocery store, bank, pharmacy, and restaurants—can free up time and reduce worry about remaining independent with age.

Some homeowners age 55+ may be interested in moving to an active retirement community. Living in a low-maintenance patio home with access to concierge services may be the perfect next choice for a home. For active adults, nearby access to golf, a community center, pools, tennis courts, and clubs can make it easy to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Taking the Equity of a Home to Do the Things You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Living in a large home may have been ideal when you were working and raising a family. If you are retired, maintaining a 4-bedroom house with a large yard may be more space and work than you want.

By downsizing to a smaller home, you may be able to live a mortgage-free lifestyle and use the equity from selling your house to travel or check items off your bucket list. Is it time to take that road trip across the United States or join a book club to read all those books everyone keeps talking about? Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up quilting?

Has one of your goals been to give back to the community by volunteering or joining a community group? If so, what is holding you back? Create your bucket list today to motivate you to start planning to free up your time and begin a timeline for downsizing to a smaller house.

Thinking of Downsizing to a Smaller House – We Are Here for You

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