How to Find Stigmatized Homes for Sale in Denver

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Are you curious about how to find stigmatized homes for sale in Denver?  Sam Wilson, a knowledgeable realtor in Lakewood CO shares tips about buying and selling psychologically impacted real estate in the Denver Colorado metro area.

Buying a stigmatized home in the Denver metro area is not for everyone. However, depending on the history of the home and the intention of the purchase, buyers can get homes for a significant discount versus market price.

In addition to stigmatized homes, there are many off-market properties that result from older adults dying in their homes. While many of these homes are sold as-is and need repairs they are a great buy for home buyers willing to put in a little work. In today’s competitive local real estate market buyers who want their dream home must know about all available programs and options.

If you are interested in learning more about off-market properties, stigmatized homes, buy before you sell programs, cash offers, and other programs in the Denver metro area call or text Sam Wilson today at 303-770-1250.

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Buyer Beware

Buyer beware. Not all states require home sellers to disclose property where a murder, suicide, or crime may have taken place. According to the National Association of Realtors, Colorado is one state where home sellers do not have to disclose stigmatized homes or psychologically impacted real estate.

Facts pertaining to events that could “psychologically impact or stigmatize” property are not subject to disclosure in Colorado. This includes murder, suicide, and any other felony which may have taken place. Reference: Statute 38-35.5-101.

Realtors on The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team can advise home buyers of the steps they should take to investigate neighborhoods and other potential property issues. This includes HOA communities and current legislation in the state of Colorado.

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What is Stigmatized Real Estate?

What is a stigmatized property?  Stigmatized properties are also known as psychologically impacted real estate. This means that the property history may be impacted by a history that includes murder or suicide, public intrigue, crime, or debt.

The decision to sell a stigmatized property may be obvious to the seller who experienced a tragedy or unfortunate incident. In some situations, the stigma may relate to a normal life occurrence, like an elderly parent passing away at home on hospice care or having an unexpected heart attack that ends in death. In other situations, the experience may be more extreme.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy Stigmatized Property?

You might be thinking, why buy a stigmatized home for sale? From a monetary standpoint, a stigmatized property may sell substantially below market value. Home sellers wondering about the value of their home or home buyers interested in the sales price of a stigmatized home can contact Sam Wilson through the Sell My Home page on this website.

A real estate investor may be interested in purchasing, remodeling, and reselling the property. A home buyer may be interested in purchasing the home as a long-term investment.

The question to ask is: would you be comfortable living in a stigmatized or psychologically impacted property? The answer may be “it depends.”

psychologically impacted real estateDifferent Types of Stigmatized Property

Different types of stigma can fade or be more bothersome than you expect. For example, if a house was a murder or crime scene you may have people walking around your yard snapping photos of your home or knocking at your door.

If the crime was violent, living in the home may be psychologically worrisome especially if the crime was well-publicized. Neighbors may ask why you purchased the home and how you can live there knowing what happened.

If it was a house where the owners were burdened by debt, a new homeowner may have debt collectors calling. If it was a meth house or a home where drugs were sold, homeowners may have unsavory visitors looking for the prior owner.

Sam Wilson helps homebuyers through the process of how to find stigmatized homes for sale in Denver, the process of identifying a home value, discussing the pros and cons, and making an offer. Learning how to buy a stigmatized home, if the property is right for you, can result in purchasing a home at a significant discount compared to market value.

Clearing a Stigmatized Home

How do you know if a home has bad energy? Any type of significant past stigma or psychological impact can result in negative energy in a house. A house with good energy feels fresh and vibrant. Walking through a house with bad energy can make you feel heavy or smothered.

Burning white sage is a simple and fast way to clear out bad energy and spirits. Adding frankincense can clean out negative vibes.

Spiritual space clearing is a term for professionals who clear negative energies from homes, offices, and other locations. The American Association of Paranormal Investigators in Denver, Colorado offers a variety of consultations in all things paranormal.

How to Find Stigmatized Homes for Sale in Denver

Partner with knowledgeable real estate agent, Sam Wilson of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team who has experience with stigmatized real estate. Sam is a real estate expert who will help you confirm if a stigmatized property meets your needs. He is an excellent real estate negotiator who will get you the best deal.

If you are selling a stigmatized property Sam Wilson will be able to advise you about what information to disclose. For example, Wilson was involved in selling a property where the owner, an elderly man, had passed away. Because the elderly gentleman had few visitors, he passed away in his home. His body was discovered in the home by the police two months after his death.

The seller took the appropriate steps to complete mitigation that was professionally completed within State of Colorado guidelines. The owner’s death was disclosed to potential buyers along with proof of mitigation that addressed health and safety concerns. In this situation, the home sold for full market price.

Investigating the Address of a Home You Intend to Buy

While buying a stigmatized home may carry history, buying a home in any neighborhood can pose hidden issues with neighbors, crime, or an HOA that has issues. Wilson recommends Googling the address of homes you are interested in buying.

Visit the neighborhood on a weekend and talk to the neighbors. Call the police station to check out crime reports in the area. A quiet neighborhood may have issues that are not apparent upon a drive-by or a visit. Talking to neighbors and completing a little investigation can reconfirm your interest or change your mind about purchasing what appears to be your dream home.

In addition to the property, it’s also important to consider the neighborhood. If a home was stigmatized by criminal activity, be thorough to investigate crime statistics for the neighborhood. While a single past crime may be nothing to worry about, ongoing crime may pose a risk to your personal safety and property.

If the crime took place in a good neighborhood, an isolated incident can seriously bring down the value of the home especially if the crime was serious. Some investors will purchase a home and complete renovations to change the external and internal appearance of the home. If you intend to purchase and live in the home be prepared to handle questions in the future when you plan to sell the home.

How To Find Psychologically Impacted Real Estate

You can find psychologically impacted real estate by working with an experienced realtor or by searching the Internet. How to find stigmatized homes for sale may seem like a difficult task.

Psychologically impacted real estate property may not be listed for sale for a number of reasons. If you find a property you want to investigate that is not listed for sale, contact Sam Wilson who will explain the process of investigating the home and making an offer. Sam is an expert at helping home buyers purchase homes not listed for sale on the Internet.

Examples of Stigmatized Homes

Murder or SuicideHollywood California

True crime or murder stories on television provide fodder for locating stigmatized homes where murders or crimes happened. Think about the 2019 film by Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The movie was based on the Tate-LaBianca murders in which members of the Manson Family brutally murdered actress Sharon Tate and several others. The home, located at 10050 Cielo Drive, Benedict Canyon, CA was eventually demolished.


Public Intrigue: Properties Used in Films, Television Series, Etc.

A home stigmatized by public intrigue is personally relevant to Sam Wilson, who lived in Venice Beach California in the 1980s at the time the movie, The Net, with Sandra Bullock was filmed. Location scouts from the film visited the Venice Beach canals neighborhood where Sam lived. Sam’s home was considered for the film, however, another home on the Venice Canals was chosen for the movie shoot.



Ghosts or Paranormal Activity

Psychologically impacted real estateThe Croke Patterson Mansion Denver is an example of ghosts and paranormal activity. The mansion was built in 1890 by Thomas B. Croke.

According to legend, Mr. Croke visited the mansion once and was so disturbed by what he saw that he never returned. Two years later the mansion was sold to Thomas M. Patterson. Over the years, the Croke Patterson Mansion served as a dance studio, radio station, boarding house, and an office building. Reports of unusual occurrences and ghostly images have been documented.

Today the mansion is a national landmark serving as an Inn with nine luxurious suites. No mention on the Inn’s website of past paranormal activity exists except under the heading of “Specials” that lists the Ghost Hunter Academy Experience.

Crime Stigma

How to find stigmatized homes in Denver

American Murder: The Family Next Door 2825 Saratoga Trail in Frederick, Colorado.

On August 13, 2018, Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, and their two daughters.  Netflix released a documentary about the case. The house was up for auction expected to occur in January but this still has not occurred.


Debt stigma

Homeowners who have significant debt may decide to sell their home. In these situations, creditors may attempt to contact the new homeowner to locate the seller. Some aggressive debt collectors can participate in illegal tactics. If you purchase a home stigmatized by debt you have the legal right to tell debt collectors to stop contacting you.

Knowledgeable Realtor Sam Wilson Helps Homebuyers Interested In How to Find Stigmatized Homes In Denver

Buying a stigmatized home in Denver is not for everyone. Regardless of your interests in selling or buying a home, Wilson’s extensive experience in helping home buyers and home sellers in the metro Denver area can meet your needs.

Sam will provide real estate advice based on his unique experience. Call or text Sam today at 303-770-1250 to share your home buying or home selling needs.

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