Mindful Home Design: Creating Happy Spaces

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Mindful home design trends include creating happy spaces in the home. Think reading or crafting nooks, meditation or yoga spaces, or just a place to sit and do nothing.

With more people working at home, houses are no longer places to get away from work but spaces to combine work and play. Recent home decorating trends include creating mindful spaces in the home in addition to home office space and indoor-outdoor areas.

Here are a few questions and tips to consider when creating your happy space.

What Items Make You Happy?

mindful  home designSo how can you work at home and make a separate space for self-care and mindful activities? Or how can you make your workspace more comfortable and calming?

To create a mindful home design space, begin with items that make you happy.

For example, maybe you enjoy hiking river beds and collecting rocks from streambeds. Or you enjoy the sound of running water—so a small fountain might be the perfect addition to your happy space.

For others, textured items like pillows or soft blankets may be comforting. Hanging photos of family and friends may bring back memories of happy occasions.

Put together a few things that make you happy, and consider creating a small corner or a nook in your home that is all yours.

What Calms You?

Then think about things that calm you. Maybe spa-like music or instrumental piano is relaxing.

For others, it might be scents of the smell of rain or freshly mowed grass or that smell in the air when you hike in the woods. Whatever calms you, find a way to bring these essences to your space.

Install small speakers. Purchase a diffuser or make scented candles.

Mindful home design focuses on peaceful spaces and comfort. This can sometimes include indulging in your favorite comfort foods in your happy space.

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or a bowl of your favorite ice cream. Happy spaces are all about you!

Create a Space That Reflects Your Personality

mindful home design

What are your favorite colors or patterns? Do you like pink or blue? Polka-dots or checkers?

Is reading one of your go-to escapes? Do you enjoy meditation or yoga? Are you a gardener? Maybe you enjoy the beach so you have a jar filled with sand on your desk or a few seashells.

The use of color and bringing the outdoors inside can be the perfect mix to create a space that reflects your personality.

Decluttering Supports Mindful Home Design

Having a space, even though small, where you have space without clutter can be calming. Think of creating a small nook that is a tech-free zone—no computers, notepads, or cellphones.

Soft lights, the music of your choice, a few plants, and other favorite items where you can sit, relax, and contemplate life.

Practice Daily Mindfulness

Mindful practices like meditation and other activities help regulate emotions and decrease stress and anxiety in a noise and news-filled world. If you aren’t familiar with mindful activities, learn about a challenge called “7 Days of Pause” from Grinnell College that includes four weeks of mindful suggestions.

Mindfulness includes the idea of self-compassion and becoming less of a self-critic which benefits everyone. Creating a happy place in your home and participating in various mindful practices can positively impact your life and relationships.

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