Realtors Learn How to Get and Keep Clients for Life

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Realtors, are you wondering how to create clients for life? Clients who you keep in touch with and send you their friends and colleagues because you made their real estate transaction a positive experience.

But, what if you worked hard for your clients only to learn at the end of the day that they were not satisfied with the work you did? Even worse they refuse to give you a recommendation? Unhappy clients can be an ego-deflating experience that many realtors take personally. 

It happens to the best of us. What steps might you have missed along the way? Did you check in often and ask the right questions? Did you assume your clients were satisfied only to learn differently?

Client referrals are essential to building a flourishing real estate business. If you missed client satisfaction training somewhere along the way it’s never too late to take a second look.

Strategies for Becoming a Top Real Estate Agent

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