Rebound from Homebuyer Burnout

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Are you a homebuyer who simply gave up? Did a lack of homes available for sale and skyrocketing prices make you feel like you were on an up and down emotional rollercoaster, never knowing what to expect next?

At the end of July 2022, there was an 81% increase in the available number of homes for sale in the Denver metro area versus last year. The Denver real estate market has shifted. More homes available for sale represent good times for buyers and sellers.

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Now Is a Good Time for Selling and Buying a Home in the Denver Metro Area

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Have You Been Dreaming of a New or Replacement Home?

If you are a potential homebuyer or seller, who got burned out over the past year trying to buy a home, the Denver real estate market has changed. More homes are available for sale. The time pressures of the past for showings and making offers have lessened.

So, if you’re considering a return to the real estate game, here’s some practical advice for setting a goal to buy or sell a home or creating a plan for whatever you want to achieve.

Set SMART Goals

You probably heard of the SMART goal process if you read business books, attended college, or have written a business plan. The challenge is that not everyone applies SMART goals to personal goals.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of desiring immediate gratification. We want what we want now.

But, how realistic was this when trying to compete with homebuyers who were able and willing to bid $20,000 or more above the asking price of a home?

Not realistic at all and probably very frustrating to accept that getting the home of your dreams was highly improbable. So how do we manage through times when that illusive thing we want—a house, seems so far out of reach—and not give up?

Make a Plan to Rebound from Homebuyer Burnout

  • Focus on daily behaviors or actions instead of only thinking about the outcome, which may take a little more time
  • Realize that performing small, consistent actions eventually lead to progress
  • Return to the basics of putting goals on paper: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, and Relevant

If you are a buyer, this may mean getting down in the nitty gritty trenches of reducing your debt by paying off credit cards or student loans to improve your credit rating. On the other hand, you may need more income to qualify for a loan which means looking for a job upgrade. Or, that new car you were dreaming of (that isn’t a necessity) may have to wait a few years.

If you are a seller, there may be similar financial aspects to consider that relate to home improvements or repairs that can’t happen overnight. If you’ve lived in your home for some time, there may be years of clutter or accumulated items to clear out.

Focus on Practical Steps to Buy or Sell a Home

If you want to rebound from homebuyer burnout, find a starting point and work from there. Do your best not to get sidetracked with projects that distract from your goal.

For example, how often have you decided to clean out a closet or a bookcase only to get engrossed in reading one of the books you want to give away or holding onto items you can’t bear to give away? It’s true, that buying or selling a home can be an emotional time.

Check out the blog post “What to Do With Family Heirlooms” for Ideas on Cleaning out the Attic, Basement, or Spare Bedrooms

what to do with family heirloomsYou’ll find more tips and suggestions for homebuyers and sellers in our Real Estate Blog.

Make Specific Lists With Measurable Goals

As in many areas of life, it’s common to miscalculate the time it takes to complete a task. So whether it’s paying off debt or cleaning out the attic, be realistic about what you can accomplish and in what time frame.

Make specific lists attached to measurable steps that are achievable and get you to the goal you want to achieve. Getting sidetracked or going down rabbit holes happens when specificity or focus is missing about how to achieve specific goals or steps forward.

Using the SMART system can help you rebound from homebuyer burnout.

Click HERE to Learn How to Write SMART Objectives

Establish a Relationship With a Realtor You Trust

One of the main steps to rebound from homebuyer burnout is establishing a relationship with a realtor you can trust. Experienced realtors help homebuyers and sellers prioritize and make SMART lists of items to be accomplished.

For example, a Sam Wilson Home Selling Team realtor can help you decide which home repairs will result in the greatest return on investment. Sam Wilson and realtors on the team offer a FREE Home Selling Kit that includes checklists and tips on getting a home ready for sale.

If you live in the Denver metro area, request a FREE Home Selling Kit HERE.

how to prepare your home for sale

They will also provide a no-obligation home value report and spreadsheet so that you have an estimate of how much money you can make when selling.

For homebuyers, Sam and his team discuss options for financing and can connect you with a mortgage broker. If you need to sell a home before you buy, they will present options to fit your needs. And if home repairs are necessary, you can learn about alternatives to complete repairs and pay at closing time.

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It’s a Good Time for Buyers and Sellers

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