Selling a House With No Furniture

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​Are you worried about selling a house with no furniture? Buying and selling a home is an emotional process.

Empty rooms can indeed be unwelcome when home buyers are looking for a warm home feel. When selling a home, first impressions are everything. Selling an empty house vs furnished can take more time. When a buyer walks through the front door of a home, smiles instead of frowns are the goal.

Help Buyers Visualize Themselves in Your Home

Homes sell faster and for more money when buyers can visualize themselves in your home. Online videos and photos make it easy for homes for sale to attract serious home buyers. Selling a house with furniture offers more options for presenting the benefits of the home.

Warning: Nothing makes up for bad real estate photos or a less than stellar video. When hiring a realtor, make sure you ask about the realtor’s sales and marketing plan that should include professional photos and a video of the home.

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A buyer who falls in love with a furnished home is more likely to pay more for the house. Remember, your home is competing with other fully furnished and lived-in homes. Selling a house with no furniture can make a home less able to compete on price with furnished homes selling in the same neighborhood.

Selling a House with No Furniture Poses Conveniences and Risks

  • The homeowner is not interrupted with showings any time of the day or the evening.
  • Once the home is clean, there is no daily pressure to make sure the house is presentable for showings. Make sure the home and all appliances, toilets, sinks, etc. are spotless.
  • Schedule occasional visits to check-in to ensure the home smells clean and foot traffic is not visible on floors.
  • An empty home can show wall cracks, scuffs on the floor, and other issues that may need repair.
  • A vacant home may be more likely the victim of a crime or vandalism. Estate sale homes where the owner has passed away are more likely at risk.
  • The home may not present well in the evenings if there is no lighting in the house other than ceiling lights.

Tips for Selling An Empty House vs Furnished House

Selling an empty house vs furnishedStaging a property can sell a house faster. Buyers can walk into the house and visualize their furniture in the sellers’ home.

On the other hand, staging a home can make the home for sale look too perfect. Buyers may feel that their furnishings are too old and dated, creating an unnecessary hurdle for buying the house.

The costs for staging a home can range between $500 to $2,000 or more each month. If the home you are selling is without furniture, ask your realtor what is realistic to invest in staging based on homes for sale in the area and the price you hope to gain for your home.

What if Home Staging is Impractical?

Instead of filling a house with furniture, small touches like shower curtains, bathroom towels, and area rugs can help the appearance of the home.  Placing small tables and lamps in strategic locations throughout the home can create warmth and lighting in the evenings.

If the costs of staging a home are impractical, ask family members or friends to loan you excess or unused furniture. A new coat of beige paint can warm up a home with white walls.

Even if money is limited, there are actions you can take when selling an empty house vs furnished house to sell your home as quickly as possible. If home repairs are necessary, concessions like flooring or a carpet allowance can be offered. Hiring an experienced realtor like Sam Wilson of the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team, an expert real estate negotiator is essential for success in selling a home that may need a little tender loving care.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Selling a House With No Furniture

Deciding to sell an empty house vs furnished house means that home sellers should not overlook the risks of leaving a home vacant. As previously mentioned, homes without supervision can be subject to issues like broken light bulbs, broken glass, animal or rodent damage, and other things that are noticed by full-time residents.

  • Changes in weather can wreak havoc on a home. Make sure to keep the utilities on and the thermostat at a reasonable temperature.
  • Turn off the refrigerator ice maker to avoid water damage in the kitchen. If necessary, turn off the water.
  • Advise realtors showing the home of the location of the water shut off valve so that the water can be turned on for interested buyers.
  • If the house is in a climate where it snows, make sure that snow and ice are cleared to make the home appear lived-in.
  • During the summer months, make sure that gardening projects like mowing and watering the lawn are scheduled.
  • If possible, have a trusted neighbor check on the home daily, especially at the end of the day, to ensure that doors are locked, and the house is secured.

Hard Times Can Result in Vacant Homes

Homes become vacant for many reasons. If you are a homeowner behind on mortgage payments, this article about the short sale process can prevent you from going into foreclosure and potentially losing your home.

Sam Wilson is a real estate expert who has helped home buyers and sellers through the short sale and foreclosure process. If you are concerned about keeping up on home payments being proactive offers the best opportunity to sell your home to avoid unnecessary late and legal fees.

Vacant and abandoned properties pose risks for nearby residents. If you are a real estate investor, buying vacant properties and applying for HUD home status can be beneficial especially in areas where there is a lack of affordable housing.

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