Spring Real Estate Market: How Home Buyers and Sellers Can Prepare

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​The spring real estate market begins earlier each year. If you’re wondering when the spring housing market takes off, the month can be as early as mid-January, depending on where you live.  Colorado mountain communities where skiing is plentiful have out of town visitors house hunting. In the metro Denver area, the spring housing market season begins as early as February.

What can home buyers and sellers do to prepare for the spring real estate market? Realtor Sam Wilson of The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team offers these tips:

Spring Real Estate Market Tips For Home Sellers

1 Don’t Wait to Put Your Home on the Market

Waiting to list your home can cost you thousands of dollars when you enter the market at the same time as other home sellers. Home sellers have the advantage to sell for top dollar when there are fewer homes on the market.

Hire a realtor with the expertise to advise you through every step of the home selling process so that you are ready to list your home. The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team will educate you every step of the way and be available to answer your questions. Sam Wilson and his realty team offer real estate advice about preparing your home for sale, including the best day to put your home on the market.

If this is the first time selling a home or you have lived in your home for years, read our real estate blog post Frequently Asked Questions When Selling a Home.

2 Be Prepared for Your Home to Sell

Spring is traditionally a great time of year to sell a home. Selling a home during the spring means that your home may sell and close within 60 to 90 days. Prepare your home early for sale and be as flexible as possible with showings, especially in the first two weeks that your home is listed.

Preparing your home for sale means completing spring cleaning projects and sprucing up your home in January. Typical spring-cleaning projects include:

  • Clean out closets and donate clothing
  • Launder drapes, curtains, and dust blinds
  • Deep clean the refrigerator, appliances, and cabinets removing dated or old food items
  • Change batteries in flashlights, clocks, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Flip mattresses
  • Check the date on fire extinguishers
  • Sweep the front porch and sidewalks, make sure railings are secure, and add a few welcoming touches like a wreath or wind chimes
  • Add exterior lighting or spotlights to make your home welcoming in the evening hours during the week when buyers are looking at homes

Other projects to make your home “date” ready for home buyers are in our FREE report Home Selling Etiquette Tips. If you’re curious about potential home repairs or concerned about a home inspection, get our FREE Printable Home Inspection Checklist.

3 Start Looking For Your Next Home

spring real estate market

Whether you are looking in Lakewood Colorado, Jefferson County, or the Denver Metro area, you can search for your next home on our easy Home Search Page. Register to receive timely updates in your email.

Choose the city or cities where you’d like to live, enter your target price and other specifics, and when new homes come on the market, you’ll receive instant updates. With our easy to use home search program, you can share information about homes you are considering with family and friends.

4 Create a Check-Off List of Must-Haves

The best way to reduce stress for selling a home during the spring real estate market is to prepare a check-off list for selecting your next home. Make a list of must-haves.

What items are most important to you in the next home? Are you raising a family that needs more space and a large yard? Are you an empty nester who wants less space, more convenience, and a yard maintained by someone else? Is room for a home office on your checklist? Create your list and share it with Sam Wilson and his team so that they can help you find the home that checks off the items on your must-have list.

5 Hire a Realtor With Excellent Real Estate Negotiating Skills

Spring can be a competitive time for sellers and buyers. Listing your home early in the year can mean there are fewer homes on this market. Fewer homes on the market may resulting in bidding wars or multiple offers for your home. An experienced realtor will help you evaluate buyers so that you select the offer most likely to close.

Home sellers who choose a cut-rate or discount commission real estate broker—or hire an inexperienced realtor—can lose out by selecting an offer that looks good but doesn’t close. There are many reasons that real estate deals don’t close. By choosing an experienced realtor, home sellers can avoid issues that result in forestalled negotiations and failed deals.

Are you looking for more real estate advice and tips for home sellers? Read our Real Estate Blog article Real Estate Advice: 10 tips to maximize the profit potential of your home.

Spring Real Estate Market Tips For Home Buyers

1 Get a Head Start on Getting Pre-Approved

Like home sellers, the earlier that home buyers start looking during the spring housing market season, the better opportunity to avoid home buyer competition and bidding wars. Schedule a meeting with a lender to confirm a price range that meets your budget. Request a mortgage pre-approval letter.

Taking these steps places home buyers in the driver’s seat to hire a realtor. Getting a head start will ensure that you are ready to make an offer when you find a home that meets your needs.

Learn more about Questions to Ask Before Making an Offer on a House

2 The Spring Housing Market: Begin Looking As Early As Possible

Even though your children may be in school until May or June, waiting to search for a home until April places homebuyers in a more competitive and stress-filled spring housing market.  Instead of being worried about finding the perfect house too soon, imagine being settled in your new home by Memorial Day so that you can enjoy a carefree summer.

If you have a home to sell, you can rest assured that the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team can negotiate a rent-back so that you have time to move out of the home you are selling and into your new home without worry. Buying and selling a home doesn’t have to feel overwhelming when you hire the right realtor

3 Tips to Avoid Home Buyer Remorse

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or buying a home after being a homeowner for a decade or more, you’ll want to hire a realtor who is an expert in your area. There are many considerations when buying a house to avoid home buyer remorse.

Knowing the difference between a home listing price and a realistic market price is the key to maximizing your home investment. Hiring the right realtor who works in your best interest can give you the confidence that you are making the right choices throughout the home buying process.

Read Sam Wilson’s article 10 Tips to Avoid Home Buyers Remorse

4 Consider All Home Buying Options

spring housing market

When buying a home in a competitive market with low-interest rates, consider all options. Options include working with your realtor to investigate homes that appear to be overpriced, short sales, foreclosures, and possibly stigmatized properties. While homebuyers may have an ideal home in mind, considering a non-traditional home may be the way to get the home you want and maximize your money.

5 Experience Matters

While hiring a discount real estate broker may look attractive, it’s best to work with a team of realtors who makes home buyers and home sellers a priority. Working with a knowledgeable realty team helps home buyers avoid disappointment about losing a bidding war or a deal that fails to close—especially in a competitive real estate market.

You will receive the attention you deserve and avoid being another number in a long list of clients that a discount broker has to serve to earn a living. Don’t leave investing in one of your most considerable assets in the hands of a realtor who may not be there when you need him or her.

If you are ready to buy or sell, and are interviewing realtors, get our FREE checklist with 10 Tips for Hiring a Real Estate Agent.

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