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Express Offers Colorado is an exclusive EXP Realty Lakewood CO program offered by the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team. Get cash for your home in Denver, Lakewood, Colorado, and other suburbs.

What would it be like to sell your Lakewood Colorado home without making home repairs or having to leave your home for showings? The Express Offers Colorado program can be an easy way to sell your home fast without all the steps involved in the traditional home selling process—if your situation is right.

Common Reasons That Home Sellers Use EXP Express Offers Colorado Include

  • You are late on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure on your home—cash for your home is the best solution.
  • Your parent or family member passed away. Their home needs a lot of work and you don’t have the time to devote to such a time-consuming project.
  • Moving quickly is your goal because of a job loss or desire to relocate fast to accept a job.
  • A roommate can no longer pay rent. Your monthly income isn’t enough to cover the mortgage payment. You want to protect your credit so that you can find less expensive living arrangements.
  • You are going through a divorce, or your spouse recently passed. Taking care of a home is the last thing on your mind.
  • You are Interested in moving sooner rather than later to be closer to family.
  • You were diagnosed with an illness that will affect your ability to work—taking care of a home is more responsibility than you want.
  • Owning and managing a rental property has become too much work.
  • Your home needs significant repairs: replacing a furnace or air conditioner, replacing a leaky roof, unexpected sewer pipe repairs that you can’t afford or don’t want to repair.
  • You want to be free of mortgage payments and all of the associated home owner responsibilities like yard work, shoveling snow, and ongoing home maintenance.
  • Your homeowner association isn’t taking care of your property. You are concerned that if you don’t sell soon major repairs will be needed that will prevent you from selling later.

How Does EXP Offers Colorado Help Home Sellers?

The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team submits your home to EXP Offers Colorado who has relationships with institutional buyers waiting to pay cash for your home in Denver and surrounding areas. Depending on your situation, your home may be submitted to more than one buyer resulting in multiple cash offers.

The process is simple and many of the steps can be completed from the comfort of your home. The use of technology including Zoom calls and email makes the EXP Offers Colorado program easy. You can receive information about cash for your home via email on your computer or smartphone. Contact Sam Wilson today for more information.

The difference between EXP Offers Colorado and other “sell your home for cash” buyers is that you have realtor representation to walk you through the details of how to get cash for your home in Denver, Lakewood, and other suburbs.

The Advantages of Using Express Offers Colorado

Cash for your home

  • Receive cash for your home
  • No need to get your home ready for sale—it sells as is
  • Avoid costly home repairs
  • Flexible closing dates
  • Your home will close – there’s no wondering if the buyer is approved for financing
  • Working with the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team who will guide you through the Express Offers Colorado Process

Cash for Your Home in Denver and Suburbs

Selling your home for cash may be the most comfortable and most stress-free solution to owning a home that no longer makes sense. By working with The Sam Wilson Home Selling Team and EXP Express Offers, you receive cash fast to pay off a mortgage.

If owning a home has become worrisome, call Sam Wilson of the Sam Wilson Home selling team to discuss all of your options that may include a Denver short sale if selling your home for cash turns out not to be the best option for you.

Is Express Offers Colorado Right for All Home Sellers?

If you don’t need to sell your home fast and you are prepared to make updates or repairs, Express Offers Colorado may not be your best option. Sam Wilson of the Sam Wilson Home Selling Team will be honest with you in discussing the best option to sell your home fast and for the most money.

Knowledgeable Real Estate Advice from Sam Wilson

Selling a home is a big decision, especially when life is uncertain, and your financial situation may be unstable. Instead of waiting until you have to make a hard choice, looking at your options early can offer peace of mind that you are making a thoughtful decision about the best course of action for selling your Denver area home.

Don’t place yourself in a position of being taken advantage of by traditional cash for your home buyers who don’t offer representation by a realtor who can walk you through the process.  EXP Realty of Lakewood Colorado and the Sam Wilson Home Selling team represent the real estate practice of the future by offering real estate advice and serving the best interests of home sellers and home buyers.

Sam Wilson is an Experienced Realtor in Lakewood Colorado

Sam Wilson has over 20 years’ experience as a Lakewood Colorado realtor who has helped home sellers and home buyers in all types of situations including getting cash for your home in Denver. He is an experienced Denver short sale realtor and Denver foreclosure realtor who can talk to you about all of the options to sell your home, including the EXP Express Offers Colorado program.

If you are a home buyer reading this article and want to learn more about real estate investing that includes offering cash for a home or finding a short sale or foreclosure home, Sam Wilson can help. The Sam Wilson Group and the Sam Wilson Home Selling team are trusted sources for home sellers and home buyers in Lakewood Colorado, and the Denver Metro Area.

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Thinking about Buying or Selling a Home?

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