Where Will You Move To – When You Sell?

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The question many homeowners are being asked is where will you move when you sell? The number of homeowners moving out of large metro areas to the suburbs or to small towns has increased during the past twelve months.

where will you move to

States, like Colorado, have experienced near equal outbound moves at 49.5% versus inbound moves at 50.4% during 2020 according to a United Van Lines study. Other states like California, Kansas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are experiencing more outbound moves than inbound moves.

The pandemic and the ability of individuals to work at home has many families asking where should we move to if we have the option? While the idea of moving to escape the big city or to move to a big city may be attractive, making a priority list for where will you move when you sell is essential to making a choice you can live with.



Where Will You Move To Considerations

Top reasons for moving include:

  • Wanting more space
  • Upgrading a home
  • A new job
  • Empty nesters whose children have grown up and moved out
  • Relationships—moving in with a partner or breaking up
  • Be closer to family
  • A better school district
  • Change of scenery or lifestyle
  • The cost of owning a house
  • Changes in a neighborhood or surrounding areas

Knowing what is important to you and your family and ranking these items can help in considering where to live and whether moving to another state is an option. Changes in employment can be the main driver for moving cross country.

Stay-at-home options for work are resulting in married couples with children moving to smaller more affordable cities or the decision to upsize to a home with space for a home office. Singles who have always wanted to live in the city may find working at home convenient plus eliminating the need to own a car. On the other hand, Baby Boomers and retirees may consider moving out of state or even out of the country for lifestyle changes.

Plan – Don’t Rush Your Move

If you’ve been dreaming of moving to a certain area of town or a different state for years, the decision of where to move may be easy. If you no longer have to be locationally tied to a certain area and have the option to move, investigating places to move can be an exciting adventure.

Many individuals move to be closer to family or friends. If this is your motivation, and you don’t have to rush the move, the time you can spend in a potential location can ensure you make the right choice. Being realistic about neighborhoods, amenities, services and other considerations can help you decide if the area of interest makes sense for your current and future lifestyle.

If this is your last move you want to make sure you are close to medical care, shopping, and other conveniences especially if you may have to give up driving. On the other hand, if this move is an interim move, meaning you want to move to a new home where you see yourself living for a few years with the intention of moving again, you may have more flexibility.

You may be downsizing to a smaller house or deciding between buying a condo or a house. Whatever your moving desire, planning week-long visits or taking long weekends to spend time in an area where you think you may want to live is important. If you are considering buying a second-home vacationing year after year in the same place can avoid regrets.

One of the best ways to receive ongoing information about a location you’d like to live in is to establish a relationship with a realtor and sign up for the real estate newsletter. Realtor, Sam Wilson sends out monthly market reports for the Denver metro area plus other tips and information about the local area. Whether you are buying or selling you will have a pulse on the market and the opportunity to contact Sam any time to ask questions.

Avoid Relocation Regrets

Hiring a realtor you trust can make the difference between loving the location of your new home and experiencing relocation regrets. In times of rapid home sales and price bidding wars having a realtor who gives you the honest facts and knows the local market can relieve worries about relocation regrets.

The biggest risk of moving to a new location is realizing that the home or the surrounding area isn’t the right fit. If you are moving for a relationship and the relationship ends, is this a place you will want to continue to live?

Having an instant made family when moving to be near relatives or relying on friends in the city where you move for companionship may not work out the way you expect. Family members can be intrusive. Friends may welcome you but want their own space.

Moving to a New State Can Feel Like Starting Over

Regardless of where you move, ask yourself how much effort and time you are willing to put into making new friends and establishing relationships. Are you willing to join social groups to make friends or are you more of a loner? If you are more of a loaner, being near family or friends may not be on your list.

Cities, towns, and areas can differ greatly. You may feel lost in a big city or smothered in a smaller town where everybody knows everybody. Friendships take time to nurture. No matter where you move, keep in touch with friends and family that you left behind. Find social groups that match your interests. You may fall into a new environment that’s perfect for you, or it may take you a year or longer to feel like you made the right choice.

Take time to find new service providers like hair stylists, doctors, and others that you became comfortable within your old city, town, or state. Do your research. Ask for recommendations from neighbors or new acquaintances. If you have the luxury of taking your time to prepare for a move you will avoid location regrets and find a home in the area of your dreams.

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