11 Things to Do When Moving Into a New House in Lakewood Colorado

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Eleven things to do when moving into a new house in Lakewood Colorado and the Denver metro area are here. Whether you are currently selling your home to buy your next home or just closed on your new house, these practical tips from the Sam Wilson Home Selling team can ensure that important details don’t fall by the wayside.

11 Things to Do When Moving Into a New House in Lakewood Colorado

Using this short but important list will get you off to a good start to make sure that the basic aspects of moving into a new home are completed. While it may seem like there are so many tasks to accomplish you can be confident to start and enjoy life in your new home by using this valuable list.

1 Change of address and transfer of utilities, phone, cable, Internet

The first of 11 things to do when moving into a new house in Lakewood Colorado, and the Denver metro area is to create a list or a spreadsheet of all the bills that you pay each month that include utilities, telephone, cable, Internet, trash removal, newspaper delivery, and others. When creating the list, add the account number, information about online access, the monthly billing amount, and other relevant details.

Creating this list allows you to change the service address easily today and for any future moves. The list has a bonus benefit of serving as a monthly expense budget that applies to number seven in this list for things to do when moving into a new house in Lakewood Colorado, or the Denver metro area. By having these details in an easily accessible list, you will quickly check off this task of updating the address on file to your new home and verifying that all other information is accurate and up-to-date.

2 Change locks and keypads

house Lakewood Colorado

Changing door locks and keypads is one of the first activities in the list of 11 things to do when moving into a new house. Hiring a locksmith is the easiest way to key all entry doors to one key or devise a different system.

Changing the keypads for garage door entry and a security system can be a little more time-consuming. Securing your new home is an essential aspect of having peace of mind when moving into a new house in a new neighborhood or city.

3 Create a locked out of the house solution

In addition to changing locks and keypads, it is vital to consider a “locked out of the house” solution. Homeowners rushing out the door to work or to run an errand may close the door behind them and forget the keys. Hearing or watching a door close and then realizing you don’t have the keys in your hand is a likely situation that everyone has experienced.

What then? If you don’t have a cellphone with you, you may be locked out of the house with no option but to wait until another family member returns. Installing a keypad for the garage door can be one solution for being locked out of the house. If a keypad is not an option, other creative solutions like rocks or other garden items where a key may be hidden exist.

4 Make sure your address is visible from the street

Ensure that your home address is visible. As the years pass, trees and other shrubs can grow and hide house numbers.

Place the address numbers next to the front door, on a mailbox, and on the curb—if curb painting is permitted. This is the easiest way to make sure mail and packages are delivered to the right home.

Having an easily identifiable address will ease all of the things to do when moving into a new house by making it easier for installers or service providers to find your home. If the event that emergency services are needed, an address on the curb can be a life-saving measure.

5 Locate shut-offs for water and gas, fire extinguishers, and create an evacuation plan

In the event of a water or gas leak, everyone in the home should know where the shut-off valves are located. Creating this list can also be part of creating an emergency evacuation plan in the event of a fire or other concern.

If rooms exist on a second story and there is no balcony exit, consider purchasing a two-story fire escape ladder. Having and discussing an emergency plan is especially important in the list of things to do when moving into a new house to make sure that young children and pets will be protected if an unexpected event occurs.

6 Investigate smart home technology – thermostats, alarm systems, etc.

Smart homes are becoming more common. Smart technology allows homeowners to control and monitor lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, blinds, door locks, lawn irrigation, appliances, and security systems.

The systems can be set up through wireless or hardware systems. Smart home systems and devices work through an app on a cellphone so that items can be managed remotely and by voice activation. If you have an Amazon Echo, you have smart technology.

7 Create a home maintenance list

home improvements

Next on the list of things to do when moving into a new house in Lakewood Colorado and the Denver metro area is a companion item to creating the change of address list for utilities and other items. Having a monthly expense list makes it easier to create a home maintenance list and a budget to manage the costs of home improvement projects.

Simple things like changing batteries in smoke detectors every six months can be added to the list. Add other items like changing furnace filters, annual maintenance for water heaters, heating systems, and other routine projects.

Set budgets for other projects you have on the list, like updating bathrooms or painting rooms in the house. By building this list, you will be able to ensure that ongoing maintenance is completed in addition to financial planning for those wish list projects.

8 Make sure all of your important documents, photos, etc. transfer with you

Moving can result in misplacing important documents. It is wise to transport important documents with you when moving, rather than to place these items on a moving truck.

Meaningful keepsakes can be specially packaged to avoid damage. Make sure that you take photographs of all items of value or concern if broken or lost. Additionally, after moving into your new home, creating a video can help with insurance claims in water or other damage or theft situations.

9 Locate new grocery stores, pharmacy transfers, dry cleaners, veterinarians, physicians, and services used most often

Researching new locations for practical day-to-day needs and errands is a time-saving measure—complete research in advance of a local move. If you are moving more than 50 miles, contact the local Chamber of Commerce for information and a moving packet. Know that your realtor can serve as a resource for local services and service providers. Consider the services you use most often and begin your research there.

10 Update driver’s license, car insurance, library cards

Last on the list of things to do when moving into a new house in Lakewood Colorado and the Denver metro area are items often left until last because of time constraints. Make sure to allow one or two days to make physical appointments where necessary, update a driver’s license, meet with a new insurance agent, establish veterinarian care, and complete other tasks requiring address updates that cannot be done remotely.

11 Celebrate your new home

enjoying a new house

Last but not least, make time to enjoy your new home—celebrate with family and friends. Work on projects like gardening that may be more of a hobby than work.

Create a home that works for you, your family, and your work-life. Extras like adding a hot or cold tub, a dog door, an entertainment room, or other amenities can add enjoyment and help manage the stress of day-to-day life.

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